Hot Excerpt from “Casual Car Entrapment”

Storm Stone’s super-sexy Casual Car series is almost done! Book eight — the final instalment — releases next week! In the meantime, here’s a sexy excerpt from Part Seven: Casual Car Entrapment.

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Twisting round to face her, Damon rested his hand on her thigh. Oh, sweet Jesus, she was wearing those thigh-high stockings; one of man’s greatest inventions. His cock twitched, already semi-hard from the sexual vibes buzzing between them. The fabric of her dress was thin and stretchy beneath his palm and he heard her catch her breath, squirming in her seat.

“I want you to do something for me.” The glass partition was closed, but still he spoke softly, intimately.

Her lids were heavy from the wine, gleaming with unconcealed desire. “What?”

Her husky voice stroked his skin like satin, tempting him to skip Plan B and take her straight back to the motel room. But he quashed the idea before it took root, he’d been anticipating Plan B for days now, he wasn’t about to allow his raging libido to spoil what he had in store for her — and himself.

Spreading his fingers along her upper thigh, the heat of her flesh warmed his palm. “Take off your panties,” he whispered into her ear, pressing his face into her hair, breathing her in.

“What! Why?” She whispered urgently, and Damon watched realization slowly dawn. She moistened her lips, recognition giving way to sexual excitement. “Damon, we’re going to a club full of people.”

He stroked the sheer stocking just above her knee. “Nobody’s gonna know,” he murmured, sucking on the lobe of her ear, knowing it was one of her weak spots. “And because I want you to. I want to think about your bare ass, your naked pussy, wet and ready for me.”

“This is crazy,” her body slackened, while she glanced furtively at the cab driver. Then taking a deep breath, she lifted the hem of her dress, and slid her hands beneath it.

Damon spied the creamy skin and lacy tops of those stockings. Unable to resist, he ran his fingers along the edge, where black lace met up with smooth, warm flesh. God, how much he wanted her, now, but he would have to wait…

Her fingers fiddled beneath her dress, lips parted as she tried to control her breathing. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she whispered, lifting her ass and sliding the panties to her knees.

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Hot Excerpt from “After The Bronze”

Brooke is a retired Olympic swimmer — and now that she’s free of the regimented life of training and competing, she’s determined to make up for lost time, to experience everything girls her age are supposed to be experiencing. First up on her list? Sex. She grew up reading steamy romance books and she’s determined to have an experience exactly like what she’s read about all those years. Her target? The sexy son of the lawn mower shop owner.

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Despite spending most of his time smothered in grease and oil, Jim was an expensive jeans and T-shirt kind of guy. His dress sense looked like he didn’t care, but if you looked closely, you could tell his clothes were top of the line, his tousled hair was carefully and subtly gelled in place. I also suspected he worked out in secret; no-one had arm muscles like that from small engine mechanics.

Jim had finished his song and, with it, his beer.

“Hi, Jim, taking a break from the world of spark plugs?”

“Hey, Brooke, taking a break from strolling through construction sites?”

I smiled sarcastically at him.

“So I had a thought today and I wanted to run it past you.” He raised an eyebrow. A singular gesture meant as a cocky encouragement. I loved it. “Do you want to take me somewhere and undress me?” He looked surprised and then he looked like he had won the lottery. Jim, the sexy son of the lawn-mower shop owner, who looked like Jim Morrison, was going to undress me, whether he liked it or not. Luckily, did he like it.

“What? Are you for real? Cancel that. Yes. Yes, I do.” Hurriedly he put down his beer and microphone, which thankfully was turned off. I probably should have checked that before I asked him to seduce me. He took my hand and I could feel the ring on his left thumb. His hands were big; mine got lost in them. I was being led to a room down the hallway of the old farmhouse. I watched his arse in his expensive blue jeans as he walked. It was spectacular. Jim pulled me through a worn door with his dry hands, into an office and I could see he was hard. This was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. There was a lot more lead up into these situations in the books I read. Usually there was some sort of mystery that was part-way through being solved before the sex occurred.

Jim lifted my dress over my head and I was grateful I had chosen the ivory colored lace bra and undies set. Somehow, I couldn’t imagine my beige granny undies being helpful in setting the mood — more for me than him. I don’t think Jim even noticed my underwear. I was being undressed, exactly like in the op-shop books, which was a promising start to make the pages from these stories become my story. He unclasped my bra and I pulled my arms though, my underpants joining it on the floor.

Standing naked in front of him I was exhilarated, liberated, and I pretended I was the fiery woman from the first book. She was a redhead too. Gently, this seasoned pro turned me around and pressed me onto a pine desk with the flat of his hand. There was little foreplay, only a graceful tracing of my spine with his fingertips. My skin came alive under his touch. Nothing else was done in this moment, nothing else was needed.

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Hot Excerpt from “His Treasure Hunting Billionaire”

Ted is a billionaire and a treasure hunter — and he’s on the biggest search of his life, the fabled Santa Ana. Scavengers and poachers would love to follow his lead and then scoop it up under his nose, so Ted sets a plan in motion. He hires Peter to act as his boyfriend for the summer, so that the paparazzi think he’s on a romantic vacation. Sure, it means outing himself to the media, but the price is worth it if it keeps the Santa Ana safe. There are two problems, though: he didn’t expect to fall in love with Peter… and Peter wants nothing to do with him…

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As he walked along the wharf, suitcase rattling on its casters behind him, he idly wondered how much the boat cost. Ten million? Fifteen? It was easily a hundred feet bigger than the other large boats in the marina, so maybe he could add another zero to that estimate. However much, it was more money than he’d ever see in his lifetime. That didn’t make him envious, but it seemed like a monumental waste while there were hungry people in the world.

But he couldn’t help but be grudgingly impressed. What sort of man rented a boat like that? He’d told Ted he thought his new employer was compensating for something, but that was only because he was embarrassed about being labeled a “companion” for the summer. It sounded like a euphemism after all, though he pictured himself in the role of carer, providing a bit of conversation at dinner and helping Edward Arthur, whoever he was, in and out of his chair and taking on some of the simpler shipboard cleaning jobs. With any luck he would be a nice old man, whatever Peter’s duties turned out to be.

He reached the yacht as his new employer stepped out onto the lower deck.

What the—? Is he—? But I … shit.

“Ted? You’re—”

“The boring old rich guy who needs a penis extension?”

“I am so sorry,” Peter said, blushing furiously.

Ted laughed. “I’ve heard worse. Come aboard.”

Peter carried his suitcase up the boarding ladder while Ted leaned against the railing and watched him. Although Ted made him feel beyond comfortable the night before, Peter now found he couldn’t meet his eye. When he finally felt brave enough to snatch a peek Ted was gazing at him fondly, but looks could be deceiving.

What must he think? Fuck fuck fuck.

Inside, the yacht was as flashy as it was outside. Casually dressed crew were buzzing about, hauling crates down what appeared to be service stairs and into the belly of the ship. None stopped to take Peter’s bag. It wouldn’t have occurred to him they would try if the place didn’t feel more like an expensive hotel than a boat.

“Don’t mind these guys,” Ted said as they bustled around him. “We’re in a hurry to get away, but I’ll introduce you properly later.”

Peter nodded. He was in a daze and couldn’t take in what was happening. He glanced around, trying to find something normal to focus on.

The entrance hall interior was more like a spaceship than a ship. Gleaming white panels covered the walls, starkly highlighting the design of the bold postmodern benches lining them. Ted led Peter down a long, improbably wide corridor traveling through the center of the ship, and then ushered him into a vast dining room.

“Welcome aboard Suzette,” Ted said, arms outstretched as he turned around, indicating everything all at once. “She’s a seven-year-old, 250-foot leisure cruiser and your home for the next six weeks. I’ll give you the grand tour.”

It was grand and took forty minutes with only brief stops in each room. Alongside all the crew workspaces and a set of office suites there was a library, a games room, a small cinema, a well-stocked bar, and a gym to keep Peter busy. There was even a decently-sized swimming pool outside on the top deck.

The decor in the guest areas had mellowed into your typical five-star resort-hotel chic, but the crew space, which he visited briefly, was a more Spartan affair. Peter received a sheet of paper with all their names and their room numbers but wasn’t shown inside any of the cabins.

“Which room’s mine?” he asked.

Ted grinned at him. “These rooms are for the crew. You’re here as my companion.”

“That’s a job, though, right?” Peter was beginning to doubt that fact.

“It’s a job, but it comes with perks — one of which is you’re sharing a cabin with me.”

Peter drew in a sharp breath fuelled by mild panic, and Ted’s easygoing demeanor faltered.

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Hot Excerpt from “Poor Choices: Low Tide”

Anastacia Lucretia is the author of smoking hot FemDom stories — where men are put in their place and live to serve their female superiors! In Poor Choices: Low Tide, this young man has decided he’s had enough of his Domme, that he’s ready to move on to someone new, someone who treats him better … but, unfortunately for him, she knows all the right buttons to push…

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I’m not available 2 talk, I sent back. I congratulated myself; it’s vague, giving her no information to use against me, but also declarative enough to let her know that I won’t be played with tonight. I took another pull from my beer, taking a victory lap in my head. The food would be ready in forty-five minutes. The night was still looking up.

I know ur fucking home. U cook on Sundays. Then: I can see u moving around stupid.

It was dusk, that magic hour between sunset and full dark. Pale pastel purples, blues, and off-yellows against streaky clouds. I moved to the window in the living room and looked down and I saw her car. She was parked in front, across the street. With the car window down, I saw her hand that was holding her cigarette raise to her mouth, then she turned in silhouette and, pursing her lips, blew her hit out the window in a small, perfect stream of puffy, white smoke. Her hand did that little automatic movement that smokers internalize where the hand flashes out for a split second, then thumb-against-filter to flick the dead ash off. A woman’s hand looks so feminine holding a cigarette. Her other hand had her phone in her lap.

I walked back from the window. I felt trapped. Fuck. Fuck me. Fuck me, and fuck this crazy Domme.

My phone chirped again. U are alone up there aren’t you little boy?

My stomach turned a bit. I felt my balls tighten up. I stepped up to the window again and saw her draw once more from her cigarette, then another perfect exhale. Another ash. She looked relaxed from the looks of things, she wasn’t going to be going anywhere soon.

I’m alone. Wat do u want? As soon as I hit Send, I could begin to feel the ground under my feet shift away from me. I was still in control. Just because we were texting to each other didn’t mean that I had to talk to her, or see her. All this was was us texting. Nothing more.

I’m going to call. Take my call.

I unconsciously released a breath of air as I held my dark, silent phone in my hand. If she called, I didn’t have to answer. I could just let it ring and go to voicemail. This woman had absolutely no control over me. I waited and eventually the phone chirped, letting me know she was calling.

“Fuck me,” I murmured as I swiped the screen to answer her call. I was curious to hear what she had to say.

“There you are,” she said, like nothing had happened between us. She sounded cheerful. She sounded like she was talking to someone she talked to all the time. Still a crazy bitch.

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Hot Excerpt from “Soul Tattoo”

Gemma Stone brings us the fifth entry in her smoking-hot Stephanie Spicer series! In this story, Stephanie’s lover, Rick, flies back to the United States, breaking up with Stephanie. As she tries to regroup and figure out how to move forward — and what direction to move in — she has a few sexy adventures to help her figure things out…

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“Christ. Everyone in my life seems to hurt me.”

“Not everyone, Steph. There will be better days, I promise. And I’m with you right now.” The words floated around Stephanie, and enveloped her like a protective blanket. The American accent snapped Stephanie’s mind back to her new friend, Asha Aman, who was sitting in the passenger seat, waiting for her.

Stephanie drank in the sight of Asha’s mocha-colored skin, her soulful, deep brown eyes and her long, dark hair. Her Indian father had endowed her with a skin tone and looks that would be the envy of any Bollywood actress. Only last night Stephanie had run her milky-white hands across her dark skin as the two had joined in a passionate tryst in Stephanie’s bed.

“I can see you’re upset about Rick right now, but things may change in the future. Don’t lose that sweet memory. Save it, put it in a box, and keep it locked away safe — and never lose the key.” Asha leaned over and kissed Stephanie on the cheek with an intimacy that let her know that her new friend was not intending to leave her in a hurry.

Stephanie ran her still-trembling fingers down Asha’s dark skin, tracing the outline of her mouth with each one, then putting them to her own and kissing each in turn. “You’re always so sensible, Asha. Whatever am I going to do without you when you go back home tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow is another day, Steph. Then, you have to go back to being a professional director at the agency, and I have to go back to being an air stewardess on long-haul flights.”

Stephanie looked into Asha’s soulful eyes, taking in her attractive face and deep mahogany brown, flowing locks as she smiled and brushed tears away from her own eyes.

“I know our work means we can’t be together often and I also know there will be times when you, or I, may stray,” confided Asha as she put her arms around Stephanie. “But we’ll be there for each other when things get tough. And they’re tough for you right now.”

“Thanks, Asha. I think you know me too well already.” Stephanie forced another smile and hugged her with all the strength she could muster. She breathed in the heady scent of Asha’s perfume, and Stephanie felt a tranquillity descend over her, pacifying her troubled soul. The pair held each other for a few minutes with a warm ebb and flow of emotion seeming to pass between them. With her dark skin pressed hard against Stephanie’s delicate white cheek, Asha whispered in her ear.

“Look, what you really need is a holiday to forget about things. Somewhere where you can get the sun on your face, sand between your toes, and a man between your legs, if that’s what you want. It will take your mind off Rick. I won’t judge you.”

A wide grin played across Stephanie’s lips, and the chill of her encounter with Rick began to thaw as Asha pulled her even tighter to her chest and kissed her again on the cheek. With her face next to Stephanie’s, Asha whispered in her ear, “Besides, there’s always tonight.”

Stephanie began to laugh at the expectation of Asha’s suggestion. “Well,” she breathed in a quiet voice as she started the car. “Then what are we waiting for?”

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New Release: After The Bronze


After The Bronze

Luna Blue

A young ex-Olympian catches up on life when she discovers herself through a wild, sexual voyage.

Brooke’s existence has been lived through a chlorinated world of isolation and training. With freedom from a regimented swimming career just around the corner, her parents devastate her with the news she is being sent to an exclusive North Shore finishing school in Sydney, a chance to help her acclimate from the competitive Olympics to the real world.

Brooke promises herself she will not attend without seeking to understand her hidden, clandestine world of sexual fantasies. Before her “incarceration” begins, she seduces Jim, the quiet yet fervent son of the local mechanic. As Brooke seeks to find her place outside of the pool, she finds more than a simple sexual relationship. She finds herself.

After The Bronze is a 20,600-word novella.

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New Release: His Treasure Hunting Billionaire


His Treasure Hunting Billionaire

Vanessa Mulberry

He hunted for treasure all his life. Now he’s found him.

Billionaire reality star Ted Arthur needs a fake boyfriend for his fake vacation. Since his rise to fame on Treasures of the Deep, the paparazzi haven’t left him alone, but now he’s close to discovering the Santa Ana—a legendary treasure wreck worth, by his reckoning, five hundred million dollars. Paranoid he’ll lose the chance to discover the galleon, he needs a cover story for the dive.

Peter Smart just wants a job for the summer vacation before he starts his PhD specializing in Marine Archeology. When he joins the crew of Ted’s superyacht he has no idea he’s there to fake a relationship for the paparazzi, or that his employer is a billionaire.

Peter’s academic background clashes with Ted’s work, but Ted’s smitten by the sexy young man he’s hired, and Peter falls hard for his handsome employer. Can they overcome Ted’s paranoia and Peter’s prejudice and find love in the Mediterranean sunshine or will their romance sink without a trace?

His Treasure Hunting Billionaire is a 33,500-word novella.

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MM author CB Archer is hosting Butt Week — and Deep Desires Press is joining the fun!

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Hot Excerpt from “Casual Car Debasement”

The erotic saga of Damon and Jemma continues with part six — Casual Car Debasement! Here’s a hot excerpt to get you going…

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Her heart was pounding in her chest and he hadn’t even started. She was allowing this man to do things to her, things she’d never dreamed she ever would. Was she crazy?

He placed the bag at the bottom of the bed and moved around to sit beside her, holding that long, black, satin scarf in his hands.

“I’m going to bind your wrists, like the last time. Arms up,” he said in that low dominant voice. Jemma lifted her arms and he pulled the camisole smoothly over her head. “Now, hold onto the headboard.”

She did as she was told, gripping a wide wooden slat with both hands, her body beginning to tremble.

“Good girl,” he tied each wrist separately then attached them to the headboard, as he’d done before, not too tight, but impossible to escape from.

Running his rough-skinned hands down her arms, he cupped her breasts, rolling her pebbled nipples beneath his fingers.

“Beautiful…” He lowered his head and sucked hungrily.

“Oh!” Jemma’s spine arched. Suddenly realizing how much she needed this, needed his hands on her body, his cock inside her, doing whatever he wanted to her.

“So sweet,” he murmured, releasing her nipple. Warm and wet with his saliva, he blew onto it, and Jemma squirmed and whimpered as cool air hit the sensitized nub, her breast swelling and pulsing with need. She felt his hair brush against her cleavage, the stubble of his beard scratching her aching flesh. God, how much she wanted to touch him, to fist her fingers into his sleek hair and drag his mouth up to hers, but it was impossible, not just because her hands were bound, but because he wouldn’t want to kiss her anyway…

She was panting by the time he moved on to her other breast, giving it the same attention, biting just hard enough to get her moaning, her back lifting off the mattress. Both breasts, both nipples were throbbing for more, not just this playful teasing, but more. She was actually craving those torturous nipple clamps right now, anything to ease this tantalizing torment.

A whimper of neediness escaped her, and he lifted his head, his gaze filled with self-satisfied lust.

“You like that?” His streaky hair reached almost to his jawline, as he leaned over her, tawny eyes burning into hers. Jemma was mesmerized by his masculine beauty, his compelling sensuality, impossible to resist.

She nodded, swallowing hard, as liquid heat seeped between her legs, her core clenching and unclenching with the desire to be filled, to have that huge, hard cock of his pounding into her, making her come as only he could.

“I’m going to tie your legs as well this time, okay?” He, too, sounded breathless, but those dark eyes were impassive, giving nothing away. They scared her, but she nodded, caught under his dominating spell

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New Release: Soul Tattoo

Soul-Tattoo-2400Soul Tattoo

Stephanie Spicer Erotic Touch Romance #5

Gemma Stone

Beautiful sexual vixen, Stephanie, reveals more than just her business skills on holiday when she must choose her head or heart in deciding her romantic future in the sizzling summer sun.

When beautiful business woman, Stephanie Spicer, has her romantic future left hanging in the balance by the departure of her American client and lover, Rick, she is devastated. She must also please her demanding boss by attending an important, high-level branding symposium in Spain. Trying to balance her professional commitments with re-thinking her own life, she must decide whether it will be her head or her heart that will win the day.

Persuaded by her new best friend, Asha, to take a short summer break before her business event, it seems that things may be all work and no play for Stephanie as she needs to deliver on an important client account before she leaves. But travelling overnight to Scotland, she has the opportunity to get close to one of her trusted staff. Will she take the chance or will it be close but no cigar?

When she finally gets her feet in the sand in Barcelona, she meets hotel-owners and brothers, Sebastián and Christophe, and Stephanie is presented with a business offer she seems unable to resist, but accepting it means Stephanie must find a way to win the new business without compromising herself and Rick’s PA, her bisexual friend Nix. Seemingly hesitant to become involved in a new relationship, Stephanie receives news from Nix that Rick’s love for her is serious and there is still hope their relationship will re-ignite.

Torn between finding passion in the arms of handsome businessman Sebastián in the heat of the night or keeping her cool and remaining loyal to Rick when her heart still desperately craves him, Stephanie must decide whether to finally leave the past behind. But has Rick forever marked her heart with a soul tattoo?

Soul Tattoo is a 17,700-word novella.

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