New Release: Simply Sex

Simply-Sex-PC-Ryan-2400Simply Sex

P.C. Ryan

Forty-year-old Rebecca Mason has desired a woman’s touch, and finds it when her younger coworker Gayle begins to flirt. Gayle is married, but the force of desire is difficult to tame…

Rebecca Mason is forty, slim and very attractive. She’s also single, and confused about love.

She’s never been in a relationship, and always found herself looking at women more than men. Rebecca releases her sexual energy by pleasuring herself in the privacy of her bedroom, using her faithful vibrator. She especially likes secretly watching women in different states of undress, and a quick glimpse of a pair of panties, or naked inner-thigh makes her wet.

At break time in work one day, Rebecca finds herself staring at Gayle, a work colleague she has fancied for a while. Her slim legs and pert breasts make Rebecca all hot and bothered.

Gayle is very pretty, and a lot younger than Rebecca. She also is flirting with Rebecca too, and this is a problem, because Gayle is married. But the power of desire is difficult to tame…

Simply Sex is a 7,500-word short story.

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New Release: Stephanie Spicer’s Great Sexpectations

Stephanie-Spicers-Great-Sexpectations-Gemma-Stone-2400Stephanie Spicer’s Great Sexpectations

Gemma Stone

Beautiful and sexy Stephanie Spicer makes her mark in the corporate world in this trio of sizzling hot novellas as she reveals her creative skills both in and out of the boardroom and decides whether it will be her head or heart that settles her romantic future.

Just how steamy can things in the corporate world get for a single blonde? Beautiful creative agency director, Stephanie Spicer, finds out in this roller-coaster trio of red-hot erotic romance stories, Pitch Perfect, Winner Takes All and Mixed Doubles, where sex and romance get mixed into the harsh and unforgiving world of business.

Stephanie discovers how to balance her professional life with her simmering innermost desires through all types of intimacy with both men and women. The stage is set for inventive ways to satisfy her needs—be it blindfold sex, an intimate card game or a tryst in a limousine that sets the sparks flying. But when a married client enters the picture, the lure of forbidden fruit awakens deep feelings she cannot control, and soon she finds herself caught up in many tumultuous relationships that stretch to the breaking point.

The stakes are high and the passions incendiary as Stephanie tries to keep her head and follow her heart. But who is the special lover that Stephanie’s heart truly craves, and can she ever hope to keep them when she’s bending the rules in a complicated professional world?

For this special anthology, the first three Stephanie Spicer novellas are joined by a special short story, Sex with Aliens, plus exclusive interviews with the author about her background, writing and influences.

Stephanie Spicer’s Great Sexpectations is a 49,000-word bundle collecting both previously-published and original stories.

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New Release: Desires of the Deep

Desires-of-the-Deep-CB-Archer-2400Desires of the Deep

College of United Monsters #1

C.B. Archer

What happens when you enroll in a monster college and end up stuck in underwater classes? Butt stuff. Butt stuff happens.

The once elitist College of United Monsters (C.U.M.) has recently fallen on hard times. In order to stay afloat it has been forced to allow humans to register. Humans, in a monster school? Ridiculous! Also, monsters are real and that was probably a bigger shock to the world than one school of them allowing humans to enroll.

Cliff Waters is a ridiculous human. Mistakenly assigned to the Underwater Wing of the college, Cliff has more problems than the average student—sudden surges in popularity, sudden urges in the sexy monster student body, and being forced to hold his breath for hours at a time to attend class. Will Cliff be able to survive in the Underwater Wing of the toughest college around where everyone wants to taste a sweet piece of him?

Honestly, it serves him right for having a punny name…and attending monster college.

Desires of the Deep is an 11,500-word novella.

Desires of the Deep releases on Tuesday, December 26th!

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New Release: Going Solo

Going-Solo-Storm-Stone-600Going Solo

The Complete “Casual Car Sex” Series Bundle

Storm Stone

When a sexy Las Vegas bad boy finds out that his sex experiences with a mysterious Englishwoman are being used for her blog, he decides to extract his revenge, but it becomes a gateway into their deepest, darkest desires, where there is no turning back…

Sexy Las Vegas bad boy, Damon McDermott, doesn’t do relationships. When he meets Englishwoman Jemma James in a local bar and invites her outside for casual car sex, he intends it to be nothing more than a fleeting encounter.

Then Damon hears Jemma’s only going to be in Vegas for a few weeks, so he decides he wants to have his fill of this hot-blooded Englishwoman before he sends her on her way. What he doesn’t realize is that Jemma is in Vegas working on her blog-cum-book, Going Solo, and that, fling aside, their experiences are also becoming part of Jemma’s book.

When he finds out she’s been playing him for a fool—and nobody makes a fool out of Damon McDermott—he decides he’s going to use sex as a weapon to punish and humiliate her, to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.

Jemma’s holiday fling turns into something much darker and more sinister as Damon prepares to extract his revenge, but what Damon doesn’t realize is that it will be a gateway into their deepest, darkest desires, where there is no turning back…

Going Solo is a 125,000-word novel that bundles all eight of the “Casual Car Sex” series stories in one volume.

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New Release: Dangerous Beauty

Dangerous-Beauty-Gemma-Stone-2400Dangerous Beauty

Stephanie Spicer Erotic Touch Romance #6

Gemma Stone

Beautiful business woman Stephanie Spicer aims to secure important client accounts for her agency but is forced to confront a former lover and must decide between business success or her own true happiness.

When sexually-charged business woman, Stephanie Spicer, tries to land new business accounts for her creative agency, things seem like an uphill struggle. Matters are made worse when a senior staff member at one of the valuable prospective companies turns out to be Stephanie’s ex-lover, Geoff Thorne—and he wants to re-start their relationship.

After distracting herself with a one-night stand with a journalist, she takes relationship advice from her photographer friend, Zoe Clarke. Worldly-wise Zoe makes her realize that only by getting back together with her absent American lover, Rick Martin, will she ever be truly happy.

As she arrives at an exclusive London hotel, Stephanie is taken by surprise when she finds staff, friends, and relatives have gathered together to celebrate her birthday. The joy of being with so many special friends takes Stephanie’s mind off her predicament, but when she hears that there is a man waiting outside to speak to her she is set for a final showdown.

Can Stephanie put the pain caused by her former lover behind her and try to win the account, even if it means compromising herself and risking further heartache? Or will the fate of her own true happiness ultimately be sealed by her own dangerous beauty?

Dangerous Beauty is an 18,400-word novella.

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pitch-perfect-600Are you new to the world of Stephanie Spicer?

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Hot Excerpt from “The Abduction”

Serge de Moliere takes us on a sexy sci-fi romp in The Abduction. Juno is abducted by an alien craft full of beings intent on studying her, to find out what makes humanity tick. Things don’t go as planned, though, especially when Juno develops feelings for one of these strange-looking extra-terrestrials.

She woke up suddenly as if she sensed the sunrise, although their alien star was not the sun, it likewise shone, albeit Juno never saw it. Inside her room, it remained pitch until her guards turned on the lights. Each day, they provided a thin, close-fitting coverlet for her to wear with only a thin undergarment like a panty. The coverlet exposed her thighs and more. She laughed as an image of the Dean’s angry face rose, as if in warning. “Can’t stop me now,” she laughed out loud.

Her memory of the evening’s nocturnal dreams was vague and murky, although her genitals were moist and sticky. Was she crazy? Had she conjured up the image of a nonexistent lover? Were the only fingers stroking her at night her own? Her loneliness had made her horny.

“Where is the lover to rescue me?” Her cry was stifled by the unyielding walls. Raising a fist, she hollered, “Screw you, bug-eyed creeps.” The shout went unanswered.

In the night, when dreams comingled with reality, she could not tell the difference and woke up confused. Yet, now the coloration of the lighting outside had changed from pink to yellow.

“Who’s there?” The door opened wide without any warning. Jaded as she was by their unannounced comings and goings, she was alert and ready. She was sweaty and sticky from the night’s lovemaking, whether real or not. In her dreams, he kissed her and caressed. It was so romantic. Her eyes grew moist.

“Rise up, human.”

Turning her head as the alien approached, his nose averted, his fingers felt cold as ice as he prodded her. “Oh, you stink so,” he muttered angrily, his nose wrinkled and stiff. His use of English was deliberate.

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New Release: The Abduction


The Abduction

Serge de Moliere

The alien tried to probe her psyche, but she provoked his lust instead.

Juno thought she would be leaving all the troubles of her love life behind when she fled California to pursue a new life as a schoolteacher in rural America. However, her sensuous and temperamental nature does not fit well in this conservative environment.

Restless at night, she wanders alone near the river, when she is suddenly trapped by a net and captured by aliens. They interrogate her, locking her in a dark, windowless room on their home world, which intensifies her isolation and despair. Little does she realize, the aliens are intrigued by their analysis of her, particularly her sexual perversion, which is unlike anything they have seen in their cold and unresponsive females.

A series of further meetings ensue, with an alien “psychoanalyst” called Olaznog. His objective queries quickly turn into discussions of a more personal nature, and Juno can tell the alien is falling for her. But is it so simple? Is Juno destined for love of the most forbidden variety, or is there something far more insidious at play?

The Abduction is a 13,000-word novella.

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Hot Excerpt from “S.A.R.A.H.”

The age of sexbots is almost here — but S.A.R.A.H., the new short story from P.C. Ryan, gives you a glimpse of what that future might look like. Robert is a lonely man, the kind of man that might want to purchase a sexbot. But Robert is also a man that is about to undertake an erotic and exhilarating sexual journey — because he buys a sexbot!

Check out the excerpt below, then head on over to our website to find out where you can get your copy!

Sarah arrived this evening in a large crate. S.A.R.A.H stands for Sexually-Active-Robot-Artificial-Human, but I can call her any name I want, and I like Sarah. The delivery guy eased the container into my living room and grinned as I signed his electronic pad.

“Okay, Mister Vincent,” he said, still smirking, “enjoy the product.”

I escorted him out, closed the door, and then I grinned. I was shaking with nervousness as I made my way back into the living room. There was a parcel that came with the crate and it read on the label, “Please open first”.

Inside was a manual and it had simple instructions set out in easy-to-read sections. It told me exactly what I’d ordered: a five-foot-six synthetic human — with long black hair, and dreamy, brown eyes. This model was a size ten, and the instructions stipulated that S.A.R.A.H. could do everything, the same as a human being. The robot would read the situation beforehand, and would perform in a way that would fit the mood. As a bonus, each model — male or female — could cook and clean as the normal domestic models.

The crate itself was roughly the size of a kitchen refrigerator, so I set about unscrewing the wooden exterior. This left the energizer pod, where Sarah could recharge. The pod had a button on the front panel and I waited before I pressed it. Excitement brimmed inside, and I felt nervous as well as expectant — like a kid waiting for a favorite toy. I pressed the green button and there was a hiss of air. The door slid into the side of the pod, revealing Sarah for the first time.

“Oh … wow,” I gushed. She was all I’d ever wanted and more. I stood and gazed for a short while. Sarah was standing and wearing an all-in-one white jumpsuit, with a zipper on the front, quite see-through. Her black hair tumbled to her shoulders and didn’t look any bit false or fake or like a wig. Her eyes were shut and her long lashes delicately rested on the top of her high cheeks. The android’s nose was slim and dainty, and further down were the most full and luscious red lips. I lowered my gaze and the thin material revealed her pert, pink nipples, and full C-cup breasts — I could feel my dick stiffening. Her body sculpted to a petite waist and in the center of her stomach was a dainty belly button. I continued looking and saw a triangular mound of black pubic hair, perfectly groomed. I felt a small droplet of seminal fluid ooze from the tip of my already throbbing penis. I ran my tongue over my lips in anticipation. Her legs were slim and smooth, and as I absorbed more, came to rest my gaze on her dainty feet.

The electronic manual said all I had to do was speak, and Sarah would come to life! Everything, as far as I could make out, was programmed into her mainframe. I opened my mouth to speak, but found I couldn’t at first. I swallowed hard; there was this beautiful woman standing in my living room. She didn’t look exactly like anyone I knew, but the manual said that she did have different personalities mixed in. I took the plunge and spoke.

“Sarah, wake up.” Instantly her eyes opened to reveal beautiful brown eyes, and the cutest smile.

“Hello, Robert,” she said smoothly.

“H-hi,” I eventually garbled. This isn’t at all what I expected, I thought. I was expecting a straightforward robotic voice with broken answers.

“May I step out of my pod?” Sarah asked, her tone soft.

“Y-yes, please do,” I responded. She stepped forward and joined me in the center of the room. God, she’s beautiful. My heart thumped faster

“Would it be okay if I took a shower?” she asked.

“Yes, of course. I have an ensuite, which is set to the back of my bedroom,” I said.

“All the information about your home and our bedroom is programmed into my memory. Did you buy clothes for me to wear?” she asked.

“Yes, they’re in the wardrobe.” I remembered all the questions that were on the list of things to buy, when I signed the original contract. It just felt really strange saying it. The house had everything on the same floor, so Sarah walked down the corridor to the bathroom. I couldn’t help but look at her rounded arse that did actually remind me of a peach in a fruit bowl. God, she is beautiful, I found myself thinking again.

I couldn’t help myself; I moved closer to the bathroom. I could hear the water hissing from the shower; the door was partially open. I stood looking — perving, more than anything — at this goddess of a woman washing her body. It was really hard to believe that she wasn’t a real woman, but an automaton. The steam clouded the bathroom and the mirror misted up. Then it happened!

“Robert, would you like to get in the shower with me?” Sarah called out through the steam.

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Hot Excerpt from “Wolf’s Kiss”

When Siryn Sueng last left us in Incubus Touch, the fey were invading the sleepy Norwegian town of Tromsø — and Valyn had found love with Jakai, but Nolan was still waiting to be claimed. Now, in Wolf’s Kiss, in walks Halken, the man who will scoop Nolan up in his arms. But, also, in walks trouble.

Enjoy the excerpt below, then click here to find out where to get your copy.

Tromsø, Norway. It wasn’t where I thought I’d end up, but it wasn’t bad either. Large cities were not my usual deal, being from the middle of nowhere. I was used to the snow, and the cold which wasn’t cold at all. What I wasn’t used to was the humans. The stench of their city as they polluted the air with their machines. Even so. It wasn’t all bad.

Especially when I had a cute, little blond grinding his ass against me.

He was drunk, but that wasn’t the point. I didn’t know what race he was, but that didn’t matter either. What mattered was that he was attractive, and that he was all over me. I could smell his need for sex, like an intoxicating incense burning so thick it clouded my senses. I saw only him. My thoughts were all about him. Every instinct pulled at me to take him, mate with him, make him mine.

I slid my hands to his hips, helping him to keep his balance as he danced with me. I wasn’t even paying attention to the music, just the way his hips swayed and how hard he was pushing his ass against my crotch. I tugged at his waist, keeping him right up on me so he could feel my erection. Damn, the little blond was really turning me on.

He trembled under my grip and I grinned. I was going to enjoy having him. In fact, why was I waiting? I twisted him around so he was facing me and I picked him up, one leg in each hand to keep him on my hips. “Are you ready to go home with me?”

His pretty, green eyes were dull at first with the alcohol he’d consumed. As my words sunk in, his gaze widened and he blushed deeply as he stared at me. “Y-you’re taking me?”

I smiled. “I’m going to mate with you.”

He wrapped his arms around my neck and clung tightly to me. He pulled himself close to my face and smiled. “Oh, yes, please!”

I adjusted my grip to hold him tighter as I carried him and forced my way through the crowd of dancers. I felt eyes on me as I moved and turned just enough to look to see who it was. The bar was elevated above the dance floor and seated there were two men. One was too busy enjoying his lover’s touch as his head was tilted against the other’s shoulder. The second was who watched me while he teased the man who lay on him.

I glared at the incubus and he simply smiled and turned his attention to the one in his grip. Why had he been watching me and the sexy, little blond when he had his own mated right there? The idea that he might have been interested had anger slowly burning through me. If he even thought so much as to touch what I’d claimed as mine, I’d tear his arms off.

The idea wasn’t present for long as the young man I carried out of the club rolled his hips on me and I was reminded of the healthy arousal he’d achieved with all of his dancing and grinding against me. In the human bar, there were plenty of looks that were shot at us as we passed the tables, where smoke rose from cigars and old men scrunched their noses. I ignored them and so did the blond in my arms. He was far too busy rubbing his erection on my stomach to pay them any mind. I listened to his sweet voice as he moaned in my ear all the way out into the snow and to the car I’d driven over. I got him in the passenger seat, being careful of his head and limbs. Once he was secure in the seat, I climbed in the driver side and headed out to the home I was renting.

I hadn’t thought I’d be claiming anyone during my stay in Tromsø, but that had gone out the window. I hadn’t planned on staying either. But maybe it wasn’t so bad to stick around. After all, with a sexy young man hanging on me … who would want to leave?

I pulled into the driveway a little while later, and coaxed the young man out of the car. His being drunk was making it a little difficult, but I managed to get him in the house; even if he was wrapped around me like a monkey. I took him down the hall to the left to the bedroom. The bed was large enough for both of us, but just barely. No lights were on, so the darkness was thick as I crossed the room. I deposited him on the mattress with a light thump and a soft oof from him. I climbed onto the bed with him. I leaned on my arms, keeping my body off him as I took his mouth. He tasted of alcohol, the sharp sting of it filled my senses as I swept my tongue across his.

He shivered under me as he curled his hands into my shirt. I cupped his head with one hand and with the other, pulled his leg up against my hip. I opened my eyes as I slowed my kissing. He’ll pass out soon. I pulled away from him. He must have had a lot to drink before I found him. His head lolled a little as he struggled to stay awake. He wasn’t even focused on me anymore. I ran my fingers through his hair and smiled.

“Go to sleep,” I whispered to him and stretched out next to him. If he heard me, I wouldn’t know, because he was passed out right after.


My sexy blond took a while to wake up, but it was better that way. I’d long since gotten up. The darkness was illuminated by flickering yellow flames. The candles served as a source of light and incense. I waited patiently as I tended to the soft, black rope in my hands. When he groaned, I knew he was awake. I looked over my shoulder and smiled at him as he sat up. At first, he looked confused, then his face started to darken and I knew his mind was putting it all together for him.


I smiled. “Good morning.”

“G-good morning,” he muttered in response.

“You were quite drunk last night.”


I stood up and put the rope on the bed and climbed onto the mattress with him. His eyes were locked on the black length of rope. “What do you remember?”

“Um. Drinking. A lot. And then, dancing with someone. Probably you?”

“Definitely me.”

“You took me home with you. Said you would claim me.” He looked at me then, his voice shaking with nerves. “Did you?”

“You were too drunk, you fell asleep on me.”

“I … sorry.”

I shrugged. “Don’t be sorry. It’s better this way.” I cupped the back of his head and kissed him. He inhaled sharply, his body tense before he melted under my touch. He opened his mouth for me and I played with his tongue. I slowly ended the kiss and leaned away from him so I could see him better. “What’s your name? I never did catch it last night.”

“Nolan. And you?”

“Halken. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Nolan.” I grinned at him while I started to unbutton his shirt. “So, have you heard anything about werewolves?”

“A little,” he breathed his response as he let me undo his clothes.

“What have you heard?” I slid the pale colored button up off his shoulders slowly.

“Wolves are into bondage.”

“Many are, yes. Anything else?” His shirt hit the floor and I ran my hands down his chest.

Nolan closed his eyes and bit his lower lip before he answered me. “Some are more extreme than others.”

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