New Release: His Treasure Hunting Billionaire


His Treasure Hunting Billionaire

Vanessa Mulberry

He hunted for treasure all his life. Now he’s found him.

Billionaire reality star Ted Arthur needs a fake boyfriend for his fake vacation. Since his rise to fame on Treasures of the Deep, the paparazzi haven’t left him alone, but now he’s close to discovering the Santa Ana—a legendary treasure wreck worth, by his reckoning, five hundred million dollars. Paranoid he’ll lose the chance to discover the galleon, he needs a cover story for the dive.

Peter Smart just wants a job for the summer vacation before he starts his PhD specializing in Marine Archeology. When he joins the crew of Ted’s superyacht he has no idea he’s there to fake a relationship for the paparazzi, or that his employer is a billionaire.

Peter’s academic background clashes with Ted’s work, but Ted’s smitten by the sexy young man he’s hired, and Peter falls hard for his handsome employer. Can they overcome Ted’s paranoia and Peter’s prejudice and find love in the Mediterranean sunshine or will their romance sink without a trace?

His Treasure Hunting Billionaire is a 33,500-word novella.

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Our MM Books Are On Sale!


MM author CB Archer is hosting Butt Week — and Deep Desires Press is joining the fun!

Butt Week is butt-packed with rump-tastic fun, including cheeky fun, ebook sales and giveaways for you to crack into, and prizes that’ll knock you onto your rear!

Click the banner graphic above or below to visit CB’s site and find out more about Butt Week, including a list of all the discounted and free titles!

The following Deep Desires Press ebooks are on sale for only $0.99 on Amazon for Butt Week:

  • The Castle of Count Shagula by Justin MacCormack
  • Incubus Touch by Siryn Sueng
  • Law of Love by Bob Masters
  • Louder Than Words by Siryn Sueng

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New Release: Soul Tattoo

Soul-Tattoo-2400Soul Tattoo

Stephanie Spicer Erotic Touch Romance #5

Gemma Stone

Beautiful sexual vixen, Stephanie, reveals more than just her business skills on holiday when she must choose her head or heart in deciding her romantic future in the sizzling summer sun.

When beautiful business woman, Stephanie Spicer, has her romantic future left hanging in the balance by the departure of her American client and lover, Rick, she is devastated. She must also please her demanding boss by attending an important, high-level branding symposium in Spain. Trying to balance her professional commitments with re-thinking her own life, she must decide whether it will be her head or her heart that will win the day.

Persuaded by her new best friend, Asha, to take a short summer break before her business event, it seems that things may be all work and no play for Stephanie as she needs to deliver on an important client account before she leaves. But travelling overnight to Scotland, she has the opportunity to get close to one of her trusted staff. Will she take the chance or will it be close but no cigar?

When she finally gets her feet in the sand in Barcelona, she meets hotel-owners and brothers, Sebastián and Christophe, and Stephanie is presented with a business offer she seems unable to resist, but accepting it means Stephanie must find a way to win the new business without compromising herself and Rick’s PA, her bisexual friend Nix. Seemingly hesitant to become involved in a new relationship, Stephanie receives news from Nix that Rick’s love for her is serious and there is still hope their relationship will re-ignite.

Torn between finding passion in the arms of handsome businessman Sebastián in the heat of the night or keeping her cool and remaining loyal to Rick when her heart still desperately craves him, Stephanie must decide whether to finally leave the past behind. But has Rick forever marked her heart with a soul tattoo?

Soul Tattoo is a 17,700-word novella.

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New Release: Poor Choices: Low Tide


Poor Choices: Low Tide

Dark Domme Submission

Anastacia Lucretia

Will this male submissive have the willpower to say no to the beautiful Domme who pushed too far, or will he submit to her again?

Finding the right Domme is a difficult thing for any submissive man to do, but striking the right balance in the relationship can be even harder. When her fetishes match yours, every encounter feels like a dream come true, but what happens when those fantasies leave the bedroom? For this sub, the roller-coaster of domination and satisfaction came to a stop when his beautiful Domme abused him while they were out on a date.

But what’s this lonely sub to do when the big, bad Domme comes calling? Does he let her back into his life, even if she’s pushing him way beyond his comfort zone? Does he have the willpower to turn her down, or will he submit to her again?

Poor Choices: Low Tide is a 6,300-word short story.

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New Release: Going Solo: Part 7: Casual Car Entrapment


Going Solo

Part 7: Casual Car Entrapment

Storm Stone

Damon lures Jemma to a BDSM club where he plans to punish her for her lies about using him for her blog. Though he wants to give her pleasure too as he entraps her, show her fully what it means to be his, his acts might lead too far and drive her away instead.

For the first time since she returned from New York, Jemma feels at ease with Damon. Tonight’s date is a classic old-style restaurant that reminds her of their first night of casual car sex in Vegas, and now she wants nothing more than to go home with him and make mad, passionate love.

But Damon has other ideas.

When Jemma discovers his plans for a night out have led her to a BDSM club, she’s at first fascinated by the people dressed up in stunning outfits. Then Damon takes her deeper inside, to another room that can only be described as a dungeon, and Jemma is shocked by the hardcore sex acts playing out in front of her.

But Jemma has become a slave to her senses, and Damon takes full advantage of her inability to resist him. He is determined to humiliate and punish her over her lies about using him for her blog, and plans to teach her never to mess with a man like him again, but he also plans to do so skillfully by arousing her to the fullest in the process, to entrap her in his allure so she will know from that night on that she is his, with no exception.

With anger balanced on the edge of his possessive desire, Damon’s acts just might push her too far. And if they do, will he drive her away forever? Or gain her wholly in a way never before imaginable?

Casual Car Entrapment is a 20,500-word novella and seventh in an eight-part serial.

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Hot Excerpt from “The Castle of Count Shagula”

Justin MacCormack brings us the first of his Tales of Monsterotica — a hilarious and sexy romp through the world of classic movie monsters, but re-envisioned through a gay erotic lens. In the scene below, intrepid young Jonathan Woodcock first meets the imposing and sexy Count Shagula!

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The Count took the coat from me and, with an elegant movement, hung it by the door. “You will, of course, stay for dinner?” he asked. “I know that it is late, but for such a valued guest, surely you will allow me this honor.”

I let myself glance around the great hall. Now that I was inside the gates, the grandiosity of the building could not be denied. But yet, the place appeared to be almost desolate. Carpets were tattered and threadbare and cobwebs lined the walls. It seemed that age had worn away much of the place’s splendor.

The Count moved elegantly, like a cat, inviting me to follow along behind him with his long fingers.

“I don’t want to impose,” I said, quietly.

“You do not,” said the Count, almost dismissive of the idea. “I rarely have guests, and I enjoy to play the host.”

Nodding, I said, “It must be quite lonely to live alone in this castle.”

Pausing in his step, the Count turned to me and shook his head. “No,” he said, “not alone. Not here in Castle Shagula, no, not alone.”

I waited for him to say something more, but he did not. “Oh,” I said.

He smiled to me. In the moonlight, I caught a hint of a shine to his teeth.

Grasping my luggage, I tugged it open and rummaged through its contents. “I have the papers that you requested,” I explained. “For the purchase of Carfax Abbey in England. All that remains is for them to be signed, and…”

The Count slid forward. I felt his fingertips brush against my cheek. “Later,” he said. I inhaled his touch was cool; soft, like velvet, but electric. “Later,” he said, staring into my eyes. “First, dinner.”

I followed the Count obediently into the cavernous interior of the castle.

We walked up a tall staircase, and through a long and winding hallway flanked on both sides by great portraits that hung on the wall. My eyes were drawn to each in turn as we walked past them.

“Family,” said the Count, without glancing back at me. “They are the ancestors of my line. All gone, now.”

“Oh,” I said, hearing my footsteps echo down the great hallway as I walked.

“Yes,” replied the Count, “I am the last in the great Shagula line.”

I nodded, struggling to keep up. I hurried up to the man. “It’s a curious name,” I said, stuttering a little as I did. “I couldn’t find any reference to it in the history books.”

“We do not like to play an impact on the international stage,” he said. “But we have endured, until now.”

One portrait caught my eye. I paused, mid-step, staring at it. It depicted a man in great plate armour, standing against a battlefield. “My word,” I exclaimed, “he looks just like you.”

“Yes,” said the Count. “That is my great uncle Isban. They called him The Impaler.”

“He impaled people?” I asked.

“No,” said the Count, “He was just, how do you English say? Hung like a stallion.”

I blinked. “Oh,” I said.

The Count chuckled. “You need not worry, young Mister Woodcock. The great seed that ran through the Shagula line is all but dried up now, I’m afraid. I am the last of my line, and when I die, I fear that the dynasty will die with me.”

I tried to wonder if I should take the count seriously. I watched him for a moment. He certainly did cut a handsome figure, both aristocratic and dominating. The last, I thought, of a great line of shaggers. It was no wonder that there seemed to be such a great sense of sadness to him.

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New Release: The Castle of Count Shagula


The Castle of Count Shagula

Tales of Monsterotica #1

Justin MacCormack

Travel with Jonathan Woodcock on a twisted journey to Castle Shagula, where the infamous vampiric count is hungry for an altogether different kind of life fluid!

High in the Transylvanian mountains looms Castle Shagula, the home of an infamous vampiric count with a thirst for the life fluid of young men. And Johnathan Woodcock is on his way there!

Stay beside Johnathan as he explores the terrors of Castle Shagula and experiences the horrors that go bang in the night. Can he can survive Count Shagula’s seductive attempts to get after his own different sort of life fluid? Witness as Jonathan works to uncover the mysteries at the heart of THE CASTLE OF COUNT SHAGULA. (It isn’t mysterious at all, really. It’s sex. Lots and lots of sex.)


A new line of comical erotic romps featuring the classic and not-so-classic monsters of book, stage and screen, written by Justin MacCormack, author of “Diary of a Gay Teenage Zombie” and “Hush: A Horror Anthology”.

The Castle of Count Shagula is a 14,000-word novella.

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New Release: Casual Car Debasement


Going Solo

Part 6: Casual Car Debasement

Storm Stone

Jemma’s desire for Damon, and her need to have him believe that she never meant to take advantage of him, lead her to new experiences of domination and submission. Will her debasement finally make Damon listen?

Despite Jemma’s best efforts (and her submission to Damon’s domination), things are not improving. Damon still thinks she’s an ambitious liar, using him shamelessly to promote herself and her work. The punishment she suffered at his hands did nothing to change his mind.

The next day Laurie—a close friend—phones Jemma and, when Jemma breaks down, Laurie tells her that she’s coming to Vegas to help her through this crisis. She wants to meet Damon and tell him that Jemma had no idea he was the infamous “Las Vegas Stud.”

Moments after Jemma and Laurie hang up, Damon calls, wanting to see Jemma again, determined to have his fill of her before she goes back to London. And against her better judgement, Jemma agrees.

Damon arrives, as distant as ever, bringing along a bag of tricks and toys with which he intends to take Domination over Jemma to a new level: he’ll leave her completely debased and get her out of his system.

Casual Car Debasement is a 19,000-word novella and sixth in an eight-part serial.

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Hot Excerpt from “Heathens”

Britt Collins brings us a HOT and gritty biker erotic romance novel, Heathens. In this novel full of gang wars and bad boys lies a smoking hot romance between Amina and JB. In this excerpt below, Amina meets JB for the first time.

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His scent washes over her, and, shamefully, wetness seeps into her panties. She needs to have a long talk with her therapist. He’s gorgeous, intimidating, and dangerous in more ways than one. She feels a shiver go through her body as she pictures him tossing her up against the car and ramming his cock in hard as he takes her from behind.

She looks him up and down, with his bad boy swagger. Guys like this are nothing but heartbreakers. He probably has hearts in a trophy case. He’s a pervert, too, she can see his raging hard-on about to burst the zipper on his jeans.

“Come here alone, Kit Kat?”

She’s positive that he has arbitrary illegal sexually activities in his mind. Oh, the things he could do to her. He probably has a house in the woods where he’d keep her all to himself. “What the hell does that mean — Kit Kat?”

“It’s one of my favorite chocolate-covered tasty treats to put in my mouth.”

She’s at a loss for words. Did this man really just say that to her? She judges him with her eyes. He doesn’t have model good looks, but a real man look. He’s tall, towering over her by several inches. He’s muscular, but not a steroid freak and those tattoos … he’s covered in ink and that is always a trigger for her. Her insides are quivering and it’s hard to think with him standing so close.

Hopefully he can’t feel her eyes roaming all over him — from the top of his head, down to his tattooed arms — but he does, and she can tell he likes it. Maybe it’s a spark or maybe they’re both just horny.

“Easy on the eyes, aren’t I?” he teases her.

Of course — hot guy is an egotistical douchebag, she thinks to herself.

She leers at him for so long that she could almost count the hairs on his five o’ clock shadow. He looks dirty in more ways than one.

“Answer my question, Kit Kat.”

Her response takes a moment too long and the Branson Clan begins to laugh.

The laughter brings her back to her senses. She’s alone out here and she needs to drop the attitude about the teens — and more than anything she needs to stop looking at him like he’s her next friend with benefits. She has to keep in mind that she’s on hostile territory. “Which question — am I looking for a story or do I like what I see?”

“Both,” he replies.

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