New Release: Desires of the Deep

Desires-of-the-Deep-CB-Archer-2400Desires of the Deep

College of United Monsters #1

C.B. Archer

What happens when you enroll in a monster college and end up stuck in underwater classes? Butt stuff. Butt stuff happens.

The once elitist College of United Monsters (C.U.M.) has recently fallen on hard times. In order to stay afloat it has been forced to allow humans to register. Humans, in a monster school? Ridiculous! Also, monsters are real and that was probably a bigger shock to the world than one school of them allowing humans to enroll.

Cliff Waters is a ridiculous human. Mistakenly assigned to the Underwater Wing of the college, Cliff has more problems than the average student—sudden surges in popularity, sudden urges in the sexy monster student body, and being forced to hold his breath for hours at a time to attend class. Will Cliff be able to survive in the Underwater Wing of the toughest college around where everyone wants to taste a sweet piece of him?

Honestly, it serves him right for having a punny name…and attending monster college.

Desires of the Deep is an 11,500-word novella.

Desires of the Deep releases on Tuesday, December 26th!

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New Release: Going Solo

Going-Solo-Storm-Stone-600Going Solo

The Complete “Casual Car Sex” Series Bundle

Storm Stone

When a sexy Las Vegas bad boy finds out that his sex experiences with a mysterious Englishwoman are being used for her blog, he decides to extract his revenge, but it becomes a gateway into their deepest, darkest desires, where there is no turning back…

Sexy Las Vegas bad boy, Damon McDermott, doesn’t do relationships. When he meets Englishwoman Jemma James in a local bar and invites her outside for casual car sex, he intends it to be nothing more than a fleeting encounter.

Then Damon hears Jemma’s only going to be in Vegas for a few weeks, so he decides he wants to have his fill of this hot-blooded Englishwoman before he sends her on her way. What he doesn’t realize is that Jemma is in Vegas working on her blog-cum-book, Going Solo, and that, fling aside, their experiences are also becoming part of Jemma’s book.

When he finds out she’s been playing him for a fool—and nobody makes a fool out of Damon McDermott—he decides he’s going to use sex as a weapon to punish and humiliate her, to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.

Jemma’s holiday fling turns into something much darker and more sinister as Damon prepares to extract his revenge, but what Damon doesn’t realize is that it will be a gateway into their deepest, darkest desires, where there is no turning back…

Going Solo is a 125,000-word novel that bundles all eight of the “Casual Car Sex” series stories in one volume.

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New Release: Dangerous Beauty

Dangerous-Beauty-Gemma-Stone-2400Dangerous Beauty

Stephanie Spicer Erotic Touch Romance #6

Gemma Stone

Beautiful business woman Stephanie Spicer aims to secure important client accounts for her agency but is forced to confront a former lover and must decide between business success or her own true happiness.

When sexually-charged business woman, Stephanie Spicer, tries to land new business accounts for her creative agency, things seem like an uphill struggle. Matters are made worse when a senior staff member at one of the valuable prospective companies turns out to be Stephanie’s ex-lover, Geoff Thorne—and he wants to re-start their relationship.

After distracting herself with a one-night stand with a journalist, she takes relationship advice from her photographer friend, Zoe Clarke. Worldly-wise Zoe makes her realize that only by getting back together with her absent American lover, Rick Martin, will she ever be truly happy.

As she arrives at an exclusive London hotel, Stephanie is taken by surprise when she finds staff, friends, and relatives have gathered together to celebrate her birthday. The joy of being with so many special friends takes Stephanie’s mind off her predicament, but when she hears that there is a man waiting outside to speak to her she is set for a final showdown.

Can Stephanie put the pain caused by her former lover behind her and try to win the account, even if it means compromising herself and risking further heartache? Or will the fate of her own true happiness ultimately be sealed by her own dangerous beauty?

Dangerous Beauty is an 18,400-word novella.

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pitch-perfect-600Are you new to the world of Stephanie Spicer?

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Hot Excerpt from “The Abduction”

Serge de Moliere takes us on a sexy sci-fi romp in The Abduction. Juno is abducted by an alien craft full of beings intent on studying her, to find out what makes humanity tick. Things don’t go as planned, though, especially when Juno develops feelings for one of these strange-looking extra-terrestrials.

She woke up suddenly as if she sensed the sunrise, although their alien star was not the sun, it likewise shone, albeit Juno never saw it. Inside her room, it remained pitch until her guards turned on the lights. Each day, they provided a thin, close-fitting coverlet for her to wear with only a thin undergarment like a panty. The coverlet exposed her thighs and more. She laughed as an image of the Dean’s angry face rose, as if in warning. “Can’t stop me now,” she laughed out loud.

Her memory of the evening’s nocturnal dreams was vague and murky, although her genitals were moist and sticky. Was she crazy? Had she conjured up the image of a nonexistent lover? Were the only fingers stroking her at night her own? Her loneliness had made her horny.

“Where is the lover to rescue me?” Her cry was stifled by the unyielding walls. Raising a fist, she hollered, “Screw you, bug-eyed creeps.” The shout went unanswered.

In the night, when dreams comingled with reality, she could not tell the difference and woke up confused. Yet, now the coloration of the lighting outside had changed from pink to yellow.

“Who’s there?” The door opened wide without any warning. Jaded as she was by their unannounced comings and goings, she was alert and ready. She was sweaty and sticky from the night’s lovemaking, whether real or not. In her dreams, he kissed her and caressed. It was so romantic. Her eyes grew moist.

“Rise up, human.”

Turning her head as the alien approached, his nose averted, his fingers felt cold as ice as he prodded her. “Oh, you stink so,” he muttered angrily, his nose wrinkled and stiff. His use of English was deliberate.

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