New Release: Sharing Silvia


Sharing Silvia

An Erotonauts Story

Robin Tiergarten

Noah and Vivian push dirty minds and mind-reading skills to the limit when they meet Silvia, a woman who will submit to anyone who can enter the secret room within her mind, where desire knows no bounds.

Noah Burdens and Vivian Colors are Erotonauts. They have two special gifts: dirty minds and mind-reading. Eager to help others in need of psychic relief, they search for minds full of desire. Finding the right people can be difficult. The couple needs women and men who will share not just their fantasies but their minds.

Enter Silvia, a woman who fantasizes about a special room—The Parlor—where she will submit to its occupants. In her mind, she has created the perfect playground for her desires and furnished it with lavish decor and every possible accessory for pleasure.

Noah and Vivian have found just the right person for their special gifts, as Silvia is more than willing to share her mind, her fantasies, and her body. Together, Noah and Vivian seek satisfaction by entering The Parlor and sharing her.

They will push the boundaries of what is possible, for Silvia, and for themselves, for the heart may want what the heart wants, but the mind is the center of all desires.

Sharing Silvia is an 8,500-word short story.

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New Release: The Madness of Doctor Wankenstein

The-Madness-of-Doctor-Wankenstein-2400The Madness of Doctor Wankenstein

Tales of Monsterotica #2

Justin MacCormack

Travel with Jonathan Woodcock on a twisted journey to the laboratory of the insane Doctor Wankenstein, and see his creature rise to full erect attention! Will Jonathan ever escape the lusts of the doctor’s monster – and will he even want to?

When young Jonathan Woodcock escaped the evil Count Shagula, he hoped that his days of sexual bondage would be over. Not so fast, Mister Woodcock!

Meet Doctor Wankenstein, the greatest scientist of the age! In this tale of warped sexual desires, twisted comedy, and frantic naughtiness, poor Jonathan experiences the sinister experiments of the doctor. Witness his ultimate plans for Jonathan, and discover just what gets the muscle-bound hunk of a monster up in the morning, in THE MADNESS OF DOCTOR WANKENSTEIN.

(Hint, it’s a really big wang. Huge, really huge!)

A line of comical erotic romps featuring the classic and not-so-classic monsters of book, stage and screen, written by Justin MacCormack, author of “Diary of a Gay Teenage Zombie” and “Hush: A Horror Anthology”.

The Madness of Doctor Wankenstein is 14,000-word novella.

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The Madness of Doctor Wankenstein is the sequel to The Castle of Count Shagula.

Hot Excerpt from “The Auction”

Anastacia Lucretia brings us another tale of FemDom — in “The Auction”, a male submissive and his Domme are at a sex party that features a fun auction. The submissive wants to be up for sale, to experience it, but as soon as the hot lights are on him, all he wants is his Domme. And then the bidding begins…

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As we began a slow walk of the floor, we noticed a table for a company promoting a D/s dating service — “Addition by Submission”. A beautiful, dark haired woman whose outfit screamed “DOMINA!” was texting on an expensive looking phone as her blonde female submissive handed out cards and flyers and answered questions. A little further along, just outside the kitchen, was a whiteboard that read, “Saturday’s Theme: SLAVE AUCTION!!!”

I looked at Mistress, who raised one eyebrow at me over the rim of her drink. “Yes?” she asked me teasingly.

“An auction…” I didn’t really know how to phrase the question that was forming. Actually, I’m not sure I knew if I had a question.

“Yeah, I thought this might be fun. Let me have the bag, will you?” For parties and playtime away from the house we usually had a toy bag ready to go. Not our best stuff nor the most expensive (as those are the toys and equipment that tends to walk away with strangers), but enough lube, condoms, floggers, paddles, zip ties, gags, a hood, and a strap-on with various attachments. She sat the bag down, dug through a pocket, and came up with my collar and leash. She sensed me wavering a bit, what with the new location, new people, and now something like an auction looming over us both. With practiced hands, she snapped the collar bearing her name around my neck, then clipped the sturdy, worn black leather leash onto the stainless steel ring in front. She pulled me gently to her, kissed me on the lips, her hand on my shoulder then touching my face. “It will be fun. You’ll see.” I’m not sure I would see — not now, anyway. Being in the presence of multiple Dommes when you’re a submissive can be an intimidating, heady experience under the best of circumstances. Was I excited? Yes. Was I nervous? Extremely.

“You’ve done this before, then?”

She smiled. “No,” she answered in a sing-song, devil-may-care voice. “But what’s the worst that could happen? Get the bag, will you darling?” She turned and walked.

I hurried to reach our bag before the leash snapped taunt. “Fuck,” I muttered under my breath getting the bag just in time. Excited. Nervous. Excited. Nervous. Repeat.

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Hot Excerpt from “MaryDee Night”

M.S. Tarot brings us the fascinating tale of O and Paige Turner. This sexy read features first time gay sex and an MMF threesome — but also has a fascinating plot with thoroughly compelling characters! Read on for the excerpt and then click here to get your copy!

The nightclub was humming a fierce, primordial beat when I stalked into it. Creative thrift store chic was my signature tonight. Black leather pants, a white tuxedo coat from some long ago wedding, my shoes as polished as a parade-ground sergeant could wish. My hairless chest and flat stomach were hidden under a fishnet tank top of shocking neon blue.

And of course, I had bling.

Atop all of this, perched on my now ridiculously long hair, was my beret. Cocked at as jaunty an angle as I could manage, of course. The silver badge moving as I began to dance-walk. My stalk went from strutting fop to sensual slink as I stepped on the dance floor. Old friends saw me and tossed up a hand. I gave a smile and a nod, moving from blonde to brunette through the crowded room. A caress here, a heavier touch there, I was inviting jealousy to try and snake out at me as I moved. For fun, I would change it up and often turn my back to the girl and dance with the guy, to his shock and my amusement. Some of them nearly hurt themselves to get away from me. Some smiled and danced back, challenging my offer.

On and on, I wound my way through the tight press of bodies, feeling the energy of the dance being leached into me, empowering me. I was more alive than I had been … well, since the last time I was here. Or at another club just like this one. They were all my homes now.

The song changed and I changed with it. From seducer to alpha male dominator. I flowed with the tunes, different faces for each new rhythm. Then in the middle of one tune, I felt a familiar hand. Turning, I looked down into the eyes of a goth angel with the name of a singer.

“Adele, my dead-looking dear. Long time no kiss.”

“My caballero!”

The pale-faced child smiled her flirty smile at me and slid into my arms, her hands under my jacket, running up the small of my back. With Marilyn Manson singing (s)AINT in the background, we danced, more a sex grind than planned movements. I let her get her thrill, but even as I flirted and brushed her lips with mine, I knew that little Adele was not going to grace my bed. She was too young. Too innocent for all her teasing gothic charms. And, shockingly, I was in her friend-zone.

Suddenly, I was being dragged off the dance floor. When we got away from the thunderous music, she pulled my head down close to her mouth so I could hear.

“I need your help, O.”

“Corset in a twist, lovely?” My hand roamed over the stiff brocade fabric under her breast. “I’ll happily take you out of it.”

“Not that kind of help, you perv. There is a concert Saturday and mom won’t let me go. I asked my brother, Cody, but he said he can’t. Would you go with me? If I have a responsible adult chaperone, she’ll let me go.”

I let my hand brush her tight, teen ass. “You wound me on so many levels with that sentence, my dear. Responsible? Adult? Never been so insulted in my life. But, as it happens, I am going to see the Mother Monster myself. So if your mom is okay with me as a … gag … governing influence, I’ll happily take you with me.”

She gave a girly squeal so at odds with the black and white makeup she wore. An ecstatic goth, oh dear God save me. Then she was pulling on my hand again.

“O, I want you to meet someone. Kelly introduced her to me. She is so fucking cool!”

“Cooler than me? My nipples are hard. Maybe I’ll have to work on my chill,” I said.

“Come on.”

“What? Have you fallen in love with her or something, Adele?” I teased her. She and I had talked long and hard about her more goth-than-goth friend Kelly and a stolen lesbian kiss. “I didn’t think you were into girls.”

“I’m not! Besides, Paige doesn’t swing to girls either. Leastways I don’t think she does,” she said.


There are moments in any nightclub when there are just a few seconds of dead air between songs. An echoing silence descends upon the gathering, a moment’s respite for buzzing eardrums. As luck would have it, I had spoken in just such a moment.

And in just the right place for the name to be heard.

In front of me was a tall woman with black as midnight hair, frosted silver in a Cruella streak above deep blue eyes, who instantly turned to look at me. She eyed me from head to toe, an appreciative smile gracing her hooker-red lips. The music came back up and she leaned forward to speak right by my ear in a way that gave me chills.

“That’s my name, sexy; wear it out as much as you want.” Paige’s hand was upon my stomach, a soft caress that almost tickled. “And if you buy me a few shots of Fireball, I’ll consider letting you wear out … other things.”

Adele was there under my arm, like magic. Appearing, in fact, as quickly as my hard-on had sprung up. “Paige, this is my friend I was telling you about. O, this is Paige Turner.”

She held out her hand to me, “You go by O? I’ve read your story many times. Maybe sometime we should meet at Roissy’s château for whips and wine?”

I grinned at the reference and was about to answer back, with as much flirty purr as I normally would, when her name hit me like a ton of bricks. And I swear to you, on a stack of Bibles a mile high, without that cutesy-pun name I would have never known she was a drag queen.

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Excerpt from “The Princess And The Swineherd”

Michael Bracken brings us “The Princess And The Swineherd”, a lesbian fairy tale. Read on for the excerpt, and then click here to purchase your copy!

Once upon a time, during the reign of King Ead-ric, a young swineherd named Hunig took her family’s pigs to market, defeated an evil wizard, and married a princess. Hunig’s tale is oft retold, though each telling is embellished such that it is not possible to know that which is true and that which is not.

Hunig was several months shy of her first blood when the miasma of the glen — a foul-smelling vapor that clung to the glen and rendered some bedridden with despair — overcame her mother, and from that day forward Hunig cared for her mother and administered to her small doses of Milk of Amnesia so that her mother would forget her mental anguish. When not caring for her mother, Hunig worked at her father’s side, tending to the swine that provided their family’s meager livelihood.

A sturdy young girl, pleasant to gaze upon but not a beauty, Hunig paid no mind to the farm boys who attempted to capture her attention as she developed into young womanhood. When asked, she claimed she had no time for their frivolity, what with one thing and the other. The farm boys all understood one thing to be her mother’s ill health, but none understood the other.

One spring afternoon during Hunig’s eighteenth year, not long before Market Day, her mother grew so ill that her father dared not leave her side. He ordered Hunig to drive a dozen of their finest swine to market and use the proceeds to replenish the family’s supply of Milk of Amnesia and other medicinal potions.

During the days preceding the trip, Hunig used swineberry juice to fatten her family’s pigs. Swineherds several generations earlier had discovered that foraging pigs encountering a swineberry bush would gorge themselves to death, consuming first the berries, then the bush, and then everything around it until their bellies ruptured. Ever after, swineherds plucked the ripe berries and used the juice to fatten their pigs during the weeks before Market Day by adding a few drops to the food trough, which made the pigs consume more without sending them into a feeding frenzy.

Hunig had several times travelled to market with her father, so when the day arrived for the trip she knew the route and she knew what to do upon her arrival. She also knew she could take advantage of the time between her arrival and the sale of the family’s swine to gaze lovingly upon Princess Maegth.

Were there vain women within the kingdom asking magical mirrors about beauty, the mirrors would have named Princess Maegth as the fairest of them all, but none dared question that which was obvious to any who had seen the princess. The only child of King Ead-ric, Princess Maegth appeared oblivious to her own beauty and pooh-poohed the attentions of suitors who came from both near and far, vexing her father’s attempts to marry her off before her beauty faded.

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Hot Excerpt from “Freshman Year”

Freshman Year is a sexy anthology of short stories by Dalton — all exploring young college students exploring sex, and it’s set in the 80s. In this hot book, you’ll find MF, MM, FF, and all varieties of menage. (And if you’re in Canada or the USA, this book is currently on Goodreads as a giveaway — click here to enter! Giveaway closes October 31.)

Read on for the excerpt and then click here to purchase your copy!

In some ways, I had it pretty good in high school. My parents were true hippies from the 60s, so there weren’t too many rules. They were very open about sex and such stuff too. Sure, I had a curfew and they liked to know where I was and whom I was with, but it was pretty mellow compared to how some of my girlfriends had it. When I got to college, I was still a virgin, but due more to my choice than lack of opportunity.

My mom had given me the talk early, made sure to answer all my questions and there was plenty of good reading material around the house from The Joy of Sex to Fear of Flying. I knew way more than a lot of girls at my age, but in some ways that also made me more cautious. A couple of my girlfriends were more adventurous and it didn’t always end well. Andrea got on the pill for her boyfriend and for the first six months, they were in hog heaven, screwing like bunnies every day after school while her folks were at work. That is, until she got a urinary tract infection, got on antibiotics, which screwed up the pill, and she ended up pregnant. She got rid of it, but the relationship ended shortly after and she was more messed up over it than she wanted to admit.

Maureen was luckier, I suppose. She lost it to her third boyfriend senior year and they were super crazy about using condoms. She never got pregnant, but after a couple months he dumped her for someone he thought was prettier. I think it was because she was super boring. She said they did it the same way every time and she refused to let him put that thing in her mouth, even though she let him lick her till she screamed.

Then there was Addy, my very best friend. She was, to put it mildly, sex crazed. She talked about it all the time, always bringing in magazines and stuff. When she was at my house, she studied The Joy of Sex like it was some sort of bible. But the funny thing was, Addy was all about fantasy; she never had a boyfriend in high school despite being pretty cute. For some reason, I think the guys smelled a little crazy on her, so they tended to be nice, but treated her more like a sister. This drove her to explore her own body extensively and then tell me all about it. This led me to explore my body too, but I tended to keep that very private. She would tell me how she’d lick her own nipples, or masturbate in strange places or use different objects to stimulate herself and I’d just smile and nod and maybe ask a question.

Then one thing changed that really put what you’d call a new spin on my sexuality. Addy came running into study hall one afternoon with a huge shit-eating grin on her face. “You have to read this,” she whispered, sitting down at the table next to me and pulling out a small book with a plain tan cover. “I borrowed it from my mom’s bedside collection and you have to see what they did on page thirty-five,” she said, handing me the book. Addy had shared her mom’s trashy romances with me before and, besides descriptions of rapture, bodice ripping and rather tame groping, they never much impressed me. Erica Jong was way dirtier, though she never did much for me either.

I flipped to the page and began to read, and as I did, the world changed. The story was told by a woman, who described in explicit and loving detail a sexual encounter in which a man gave her oral pleasure, bringing her to untold heights with just his talented tongue. Throughout the entire episode, he never entered her body with his penis. The entire three-page section was so well written, so perfectly described, that by the time I was done with it, my panties were soaked through and I was hotter and hornier than I had ever been in my young life. “So, did you like it? Was it totally amazing or what?” asked Addy, her voice a hoarse whisper. I handed her the book, got the bathroom pass and made it down the hall on rubbery legs, barely aware of what I was doing.

I locked the stall door and slid my jeans down and sat. I looked down at the huge dark patch of moisture in the crotch of my white cotton briefs. I reached between my legs and ran a finger over my clit and covered my mouth with my other hand as my body exploded. This was so not me. I only masturbated in my bedroom in the dark, at night with my door firmly closed. To do it in school during the day was nuts and I knew it. But I simply couldn’t stop myself. The images in the book were so strong and so hot that I knew, then and there, that I wanted to feel that too. I had to.

It was senior year and I wasn’t seeing anyone and, as the year roared to a close and prom came and went, well, I resigned myself to waiting. I figured I’d have a better time at college and the boys would have a better idea of what to do. And I was right.

A week into freshman year, I met a guy called Russ who made all my dreams of lusty oral pleasure come true; no cliché intended. After I’d read the book that first time, I’d borrowed it from Addy and read it cover to cover. By the time I finished it, my right hand was worn out from masturbating so much. The book was called The Secret Kiss and was really focused on this woman’s odyssey of lovers and experiences, mostly having to do with oral sex, both giving, but especially receiving. She was licked by men and women, and in her mind, the sex of the person who pleasured her made little difference. She even spoke in detail of what it was like to lick another woman, as well as her feelings on giving oral pleasure to a man and it all made me desperate to feel that touch.

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New Release: The Auction


The Auction

Anastacia Lucretia

A Domme expects a night of BDSM fun and games until a young, sadistic Domme from another state puts her slave in The Auction and bids to be his new owner.

An evening out with his Domme, playing BDSM games—what male submissive doesn’t want and dream about that?

A night out in the country at a new sex club seemed exactly what they both want. The possibilities between the two of them are endless. But when his Domme decides that he should participate in The Auction, the slave is naturally nervous about what might happen—nervous that he might be bought and used by any of the powerful women there with money to spend.

And when a beautiful young Domme takes an interest in him and promises him more pain than he’s ever experienced before, the stakes go up far more than expected. Helpless against the process, he’s on the block as The Auction ensues.

Who buys him and at what price? The Auction begins tonight!

The Auction is a 6,700-word FemDom short story.

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Hot Excerpt from “Casual Car Redemption”

Casual Car Redemption is the eighth part in Storm Stone’s Going Solo series — and brings the story to a sexy and thrilling conclusion! Read on for the excerpt, and then click here to find out where you can get your copy!

“Oh baby,” he was breathing heavily, and she wasn’t sure if it was from exhaustion or lust, maybe a bit of both. “If only I had the energy, I would fuck you, right here, right now.”

As she lowered her mouth to his, the door opened and the pretty, blonde nurse popped her head inside.

“Visiting time is over now, Mr. McDermott,” she said, her gaze taking in their close proximity on Damon’s bed. “You’ve had a busy morning, and you need to get some rest. The doctor’s going to see you after lunch.” With a telling glance at Jemma, her head disappeared, closing the door behind her.

“Fuck her.” Damon muttered, his hold on Jemma tightening as she giggled at their ridiculous situation. “God, I love it when you laugh like that,” he said, his hooded eyes staring into her soul.

They stared at each other for a long moment, both filled with need, but slowly she saw his eyelids drooping closed. She wanted to lay down next to him and spend the night, holding him, feeling the warmth of his hard, lean body, beating with life, but it was impossible. That nurse certainly would not have allowed it. So, she shifted herself slowly, ready to slide off the bed, and his eyes popped open.

“Don’t go,” he muttered weakly.

“Damon, you need to rest,” she said. “We’ll talk tomorrow.” Madeline had told her they were only allowed to visit ICU once a day

He covered her hand with his, heavy-lidded eyes imploring. “Will you still be here tomorrow? How do I know you’re not gonna leave, run back to London, like you did before?”

Jemma pressed her lips gently to his. “I promise you I’m not going anywhere. Why don’t you get some sleep before you see the doctor? And I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Jemma,” his lids were drooping, although she could tell he was trying to fight it, “I don’t want you feeling sorry for me. If you’re here out of pity — I don’t need it.

“I’m not here out of pity, Damon,” she whispered into his ear. “I’m here because I love you.”

He let out a long sigh, his eyes finally closing, and Jemma could not be sure if he’d heard her or not.

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New Release: MaryDee Night


MaryDee Night

M.S. Tarot

For Oliver West, the local night clubs were his kingdom, until the lovely Paige Turner showed him that she could be the Queen to his King.

For Oliver West, the local night clubs are his kingdom. Glittering palaces filled with music and erotic delights for all the senses. Known by the nickname “O”, he is a benevolent ruler, forsaking nothing in his quest to slake the desires that decent people hide. Like an angel fallen from heaven, he left decency and innocence far behind him long ago.

Or so he thought.

Enter, the lovely Paige Turner. With her mane of Cruella de Vil hair and a smile more wicked than any witch, she could tame the club-hound “O” if she wished. With a request for a single red rose and a wink that promises things he never dreamed of, fate is showing him that Paige can be the Queen to his King.

But, given his past, will Oliver be able to do what he has never imagined himself doing to be worthy of her?

MaryDee Night is a 17,500-word MMF erotic romance novella.

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