Hot Excerpt from “Power To Love”

J. Margot Critch brings us a sexy vacation romance novel, Power To Love. Set under the summer sun of Key West, Florida, Karen and Cash must decide if their romance ends when their vacation is over. In this excerpt, having just met on the plane to Florida, Karen entices Cash into some mile-high fun!

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Her movements were slow and deliberate as she dragged her hand down her thigh, until she reached the hem of her skirt. She heard his ragged intake of breath when she grasped the wool material in her fist and pulled her skirt slowly up her thigh, knowingly revealing the edge of her lace-topped stockings and her thigh underneath.

The cabin was still quiet, and she took a quick look around. Their first class cabin-mates were either sleeping or distracted by their laptops and in-flight movies, oblivious to the show of seduction happening in the second row. Karen could hear nothing but Cash’s breathing as it increased, growing harder, more jagged. The triumph of success bolstered her. Her plan was working. It was fun. It was wicked. It was so very unlike her, she almost laughed. But there was nothing funny about how much she wanted him. Her desire for him was burning through her veins.

Cash cleared his throat. She looked over at him and saw that he was watching her, his eyes intense. But it was when she looked down in his lap to see the large bulge that jutted out, tenting his jeans, that she confirmed he’d been paying close attention.

She bit her bottom lip, holding it between her teeth in a gesture that she hoped was seductive, and didn’t make her look ridiculous. Then she half-stood and leaned over him, giving him a stellar view down her partially opened blouse, of which he took great advantage. “Excuse me, Cash,” she breathed against his earlobe. “I have to go to the restroom.”

Cash blew out a harsh breath, and his eyes fixed on the opening in her blouse. “Okay,” he said, not removing his eyes from her chest.

Karen made a show of putting on her heels. She slowly bent down, knowing full well how high her skirt was, and stretched out her slender leg, running her fingers along it before gently slipping her foot into the shoe. She repeated the motions for her other foot, then stood fully, and turned away from Cash. Karen took advantage of the minimal space between their seats and the backs of those in front of her, and squeezed past him to reach the aisle. She leaned close, probably using more room than she needed, her body grazing past his, and she smiled when he groaned in response.

She walked away, hoping that he’d follow, and grateful that she had thought to slip on her high heels for the extra swivel it gave her hips as she made her way down the narrow corridor toward the front of the plane. She stopped outside the lavatory door, and cast a quick look at Cash, who continued to stare directly into her, and winked at him before ducking inside.

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