Hot Excerpt from “Heathens”

Britt Collins brings us a HOT and gritty biker erotic romance novel, Heathens. In this novel full of gang wars and bad boys lies a smoking hot romance between Amina and JB. In this excerpt below, Amina meets JB for the first time.

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His scent washes over her, and, shamefully, wetness seeps into her panties. She needs to have a long talk with her therapist. He’s gorgeous, intimidating, and dangerous in more ways than one. She feels a shiver go through her body as she pictures him tossing her up against the car and ramming his cock in hard as he takes her from behind.

She looks him up and down, with his bad boy swagger. Guys like this are nothing but heartbreakers. He probably has hearts in a trophy case. He’s a pervert, too, she can see his raging hard-on about to burst the zipper on his jeans.

“Come here alone, Kit Kat?”

She’s positive that he has arbitrary illegal sexually activities in his mind. Oh, the things he could do to her. He probably has a house in the woods where he’d keep her all to himself. “What the hell does that mean — Kit Kat?”

“It’s one of my favorite chocolate-covered tasty treats to put in my mouth.”

She’s at a loss for words. Did this man really just say that to her? She judges him with her eyes. He doesn’t have model good looks, but a real man look. He’s tall, towering over her by several inches. He’s muscular, but not a steroid freak and those tattoos … he’s covered in ink and that is always a trigger for her. Her insides are quivering and it’s hard to think with him standing so close.

Hopefully he can’t feel her eyes roaming all over him — from the top of his head, down to his tattooed arms — but he does, and she can tell he likes it. Maybe it’s a spark or maybe they’re both just horny.

“Easy on the eyes, aren’t I?” he teases her.

Of course — hot guy is an egotistical douchebag, she thinks to herself.

She leers at him for so long that she could almost count the hairs on his five o’ clock shadow. He looks dirty in more ways than one.

“Answer my question, Kit Kat.”

Her response takes a moment too long and the Branson Clan begins to laugh.

The laughter brings her back to her senses. She’s alone out here and she needs to drop the attitude about the teens — and more than anything she needs to stop looking at him like he’s her next friend with benefits. She has to keep in mind that she’s on hostile territory. “Which question — am I looking for a story or do I like what I see?”

“Both,” he replies.

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