Hot Excerpt from “Incubus Touch”

Siryn Sueng brings us a HOT new paranormal MM erotic romance series, Polar Nights. The first book, Incubus Touch, released last week — and here’s an excerpt just for you!

If you’d like to read more, and I know you do, head on over to our website to find out where you can get your copy!

A blast of hot air washed over me as I opened the door to the bar, sweeping aside the falling snow flakes as I left the cold. It was too hot in the room for me, but I kept my jacket on anyway and rubbed my hands while I stomped the snow off my boots. Anything to keep up appearances in a bar full of humans.

I ignored everyone except the young woman behind the counter. She smiled and I returned it. I walked over to her and leaned against the dark mahogany. I took a coin from my pocket and slipped it to her under the cover of my hand.

She rubbed the top of my knuckles and I could feel heat radiating from her, the source of her energy. Her smile turned a little wicked as she leaned forward. The light in the bar reflected off her eyes, changing them a rich gold for a mere second before she was normal again with big brown eyes looking up at me.

“Too bad you’re into men, Valyn. You’d be mine otherwise. Sirens are amazing in bed.” She spoke softly, in a low seductive tone that might have swayed someone else.

“I don’t doubt that. You would have sunk your claws in me the moment I stepped in here three years ago,” I replied with a smile as I let her give me a kiss on my cheek. To any human, it would just be her greeting me, but for us it was a pass into the club below. Without her kiss, you didn’t get in. “Thanks, Reena.”

She patted my hand and took the coin as I left the bar. “Good luck,” she called to me. To a human, the door at the end of the hall led to the restrooms, but with Reena’s kiss, it opened to a staircase. I took the steps two at a time and came to the entrance at the bottom that barely concealed the deep pounding beat of underground music.

I was assaulted by the overly loud bass that vibrated my chest as I stepped inside. The place was packed full of night dwellers. Everything from wolves and shifters, to the exotics visiting from all over the world to taste the extra power boost the far north had to offer.

I wormed my way through the crowd, biting my lip as hands, asses, and crotches pressed up against me. All of them tugged or rubbed at the right places to turn me on. I was almost caught by a tiny little werecat who grinned at me as she groped my hard-on. If women were my thing, I would have taken her. Her orange fur, black stripes, and long ears begged to be caressed. Her vibrant yellow eyes were just as dangerous and seductive.

I smiled and shook my head, trying to be polite. She frowned and turned her back on me to tend to a young woman she’d been busy kissing before. That could have been worse, I thought. At least her temper was in check and I hadn’t offended her. Probably due to the drinks. I continued through the crowd, biting at my lip as the stray hands continued. I was always fooled that one of those fleeting touches might lead to something more, but it never did.

It took longer than I liked to admit to reach the bar where I had planned to go. I’d lingered for a while in the crowd, hoping that one of the men touching me would take me, but all they gave were touches. Most were probably mated or bound to another already and were just there for fun with their counterparts.

The music thrummed through my body almost in time with the pulsing need to have a man’s cock inside me. I wanted it so badly that it was blinding me and before I knew it, I wasn’t where I had intended to go. One moment I was stepping up to the bar to take a seat and the next I was against the wall in someone’s powerful grip. A strong mixed drink was the last thing on my mind as lips pressed against my throat and elicited a deep moan from me.

His hands were on my waist, pinning me against the wall next to the bar, out of the flashing lights and in the crevice of darkness. I panted in his grip, too lost in pleasure to even begin to figure out who held me and ground his crotch against mine. I gasped at the feel of a hard erection pressing on my prick.

“Fuck…” I moaned the word without thinking about it.

A silky laugh filled my ear. It sent shivers down my spine. “Oh, yes, I think I am going to fuck you, my sweet little siren.”

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