Hot Excerpt from “Law of Love”

Bob Masters brings us “Law of Love”, an M/M erotic romance short novella set in 1969, shortly after the Stonewall Riots. In a time of burgeoning LGBTQ rights, one park ranger comes to a difficult realization…

In the excerpt below, Jimmy and Joseph are getting some time alone during the busy National Cherry Festival with a nighttime boat ride on the like. Park Ranger Joseph is learning to love Lifeguard Jimmy’s freewheeling ways.

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Joseph searched and searched for something to say, but just what that might be seemed to elude him. He wanted to somehow tell Jimmy that he wanted to be his friend. But maybe he didn’t need to say that, only show it. He decided to just sit and be quiet instead.

Jimmy suddenly stood up and took off his life preserver.

“I want to go swimming!” he said.

“It might be a little cold way out here, Jimmy,” said Joseph, concerned that Jimmy’s inexperience with lake conditions might pose a threat. It was hard to get past his training as a Ranger, he realized.

“I can get back in if it’s too cold. But I’m used to cold water. I jump right in it every morning a 5:30 during the school year!”

James began to strip off his t-shirt, baring his well-tanned and muscular chest. Then he kicked off his loafers while he unbuttoned the top of his cut-off jeans. Joseph looked on in amazement as he watched James wiggle out of his shorts and then kick them out of the way too. There he stood, six feet of muscles and stark naked too. Joseph could not take his eyes off the well-developed curves and crevices of the young college swimmer’s body. He looked so free-spirited and unashamed. Joseph suddenly became aware that he was staring and wondered why he was so transfixed by Jimmy’s naked body. He told himself that it had to be simply fascination with Jimmy’s uninhibited actions.

“Last one in is a rotten egg!” shouted Jimmy as he dove off the side of the boat into the moonlit surface of the Greater Traverse Bay. Joseph felt a twinge of envy all of a sudden. Growing up in the far north, it was unheard of to go anywhere naked except the shower. But here was someone who was not used to living in such a buttoned-up and controlled manner. Joseph realized that he himself had chosen to be buttoned-up. He was always so focused on his career path. Watching James splash and play in the early July night made him decide that he would be damned if he let this opportunity to show both Jimmy and himself that he could also be wild and free go.

He stood and began to unbutton his Park Ranger shirt, being careful to protect the shiny silver badge pinned to the upper left, above the pocket. Bending to untie his shoes, he could hear Jimmy began doing small laps of freestyle back and forth. He was an excellent swimmer. Joseph peeled the Park issue nylon socks off of his feet. Standing up, all that was left for him to remove were his forest green pair of pants. Unbuckling his belt, he hesitated for a minute, but no, he told himself, he wouldn’t let his self-consciousness stop him. He bravely undid his zipper and let the remaining piece of his uniform drop to the floor of the boat.

Now he was standing under the bright summer moon in his boxer shorts. It felt great, exhilarating, and yes, he suddenly thought, even liberating. Now he was thinking more like Jimmy, wasn’t he? Terms like liberation, rights, and things like that. He wasn’t so backward and straight laced after all, was he? He realized that he had grown up way too fast. He was only twenty-three, after all. Why had he let himself become so stolid and steadfast? When had he stopped to have simple, plain fun in the past ten or so years? He grabbed his boxers and pulled them down and off his well-developed and slightly hairy legs.

“Here I come!” he yelled, jumping stark naked into the bay.

The two young men thrashed and splashed in the water under the glaring moonlight, losing themselves in the freedom and solitude that the seclusion provided. Jimmy began to swim again and Joseph looked on at the fine form that the college athlete made as he glided effortlessly through the water.

“You are really good at that,” said Joseph, after Jimmy stopped to rest after a few minutes.

“Thanks. I spend a lot of time in the pool back in Ann Arbor. Haven’t had much opportunity to do laps since I started lifeguarding up here, though,” said Jimmy.

“Well, I am glad you are able to now,” said Joseph.

“Are you really?” said Jimmy with a laugh as he reached over to dunk Joseph momentarily underwater. Joseph then grabbed Jimmy’s arms and pulled him down with him. The two men grappled boisterously with each other, wrestling in the welcoming waters of the Grand Traverse Bay under a bright yellow summer moon.

Inescapably, their bodies rubbed against each other as they jostled and laughed. Joseph felt Jimmy’s ass rub against him as the boy struggled to escape from his hold. Joseph suddenly felt his own cock begin to stir uncontrollably. He felt alarmed and confused as it grew harder and harder until he was sprouting a full erection underwater. Jimmy swam away but then suddenly turned and leapt upon Joseph again and as he did so his body came into contact with Joseph’s enormous cock pressing against his stomach. It seemed like time had suddenly come to a complete stop as Jimmy immediately ceased his playful wrestling with Joseph and looked silently into his eyes.

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