Hot Excerpt from “One Knight With The Swordsmith’s Daughter”

Author Michael Bracken brings us “One Knight With The Swordsmith’s Daughter”, a fun and steamy medieval erotic romance short story.

In the excerpt below, Sir Humphrey meets Miriam (the swordsmith’s daughter) for the first time, catching her in a rather compromising position.

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After bathing for several minutes, I heard someone approach. I turned to see Sir Humphrey step through the brush and stride to the edge of the water, his horse following at the end of its reins. The young knight did not know me for he had never laid eyes upon me, but I certainly recognized him from his visit to the shop. He stood next to the blanket where I had left my folded clothing, and I dared not rise from the water lest he gaze upon my nether regions.

“You have me at a disadvantage, Sir Humphrey,” I called from the water. The buoyancy of my breasts allowed me to float in an upright position with minimal movement of my arms and legs.

“As well I see, fair maiden.” As his horse drank from the river, he lashed the reins to a nearby bush, and returned his attention to me. “Might you rise from the water so I may better see whom I am addressing?”

“I dare not.”

“If you dare not join me ashore,” he said, “mayhap I should join you.”

“The water is cold, kind sir, and I fear you may experience the most distressing of shrinkage.”

“Were you to warm me I should fear naught.”

“Then join me,” I called out, emboldened by his flirtatious responses to my prior comments, “if you dare.”

Though I desired nothing more than carnal comingling with the young knight, I knew not of his intentions and I dared not ask. A commoner might service royalty but had no right to expect much beyond the act itself.

I turned away and swam three strokes. When I turned back Sir Humphrey wore only his breeches, and he was peeling them down his muscular legs. Bawdy Maudie would keep her one good eye, for her sister, the Earl’s needlewoman, had shared no untruths about the grandeur of the young knight’s erect cock, a blunt-headed lance fit for jousting. No blushing virgin was I, having thrice allowed the butcher’s mead-addled son to have his way with me despite my repeated disappointment in his cocksmanship, yet still the intake of my breath at the sight of Sir Humphrey unclothed surprised me.

The sound must have floated across the pond to the young knight’s ears, for he smiled as he straightened up and dove into the cold river water. Quick, strong strokes brought him near enough to my side that I was certain he could see all of me through the clear water just as I could see all of him. Even so, he remained a respectful distance away.

“You have me at disadvantage,” he said, repeating what I had said earlier. “You are well aware of my name but I know not yours.”

Blushing, I said, “Miriam.”

He swam a circle around me, examining me from every side. When he was again before me, he stopped. “Your beauty is such that even the chill of this water does not dissuade my desire.”

Nor did it dissuade mine, for Sir Humphrey’s presence made me so hot I expected steam to rise from the water around me.

“I fear I have grown weary treading water, kind sir,” I said, though I knew full well that I could float for hours. I reached out and took his hand. “Might you be so kind as to help me to shore?”

The young knight pulled me tight against his hard body. My heavy breasts flattened against his chest and my erect nipples jabbed at his ribcage. Beneath the water his cock pressed against my abdomen but that wasn’t where I wanted it. I reached between us, took the thick shaft in my hand, and guided the blunt head until it pressed against my opening. I was wet as much from my desire as from the water in which we floated, and with one firm thrust of his hips Sir Humphrey buried his grand cock deep within me, filling me in a way the butcher’s son never had.

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