New Release: Love Plus One


Love Plus One

Gemma Stone

Stephanie Spicer Erotic Touch Romance #4

Beautiful, sexually-charged business woman Stephanie Spicer aims for the sky as she delivers her unique creative services at her lover’s company in Los Angeles.

When beautiful businesswoman, Stephanie Spicer, finally gets together with handsome American lover, Rick Martin, a senior manager at the UK office of her biggest client, her life seems complete. But her life is thrown into turmoil when her boss, Katrina, sends her to Los Angeles to work on an important branding promotion for the company.

Feeling alone in the very office where Rick’s overpowering wife, Diane, is also a senior manager, Stephanie seeks friendship with Asha, the attractive airline stewardess she’s met on her flight over. Taking Stephanie into her home, her heart and her bed, Asha takes her under her wing and keeps her passions high.

When the success of the project is sealed at a high-profile company event by her impromptu presentation together with her old flame, tennis star Kelly Finch, Stephanie prepares to fly home and pick up her life and passionate affair with Rick. But a revelation about Diane’s “love plus one” forces Stephanie to make a decision that will forever change her life.

Can Stephanie keep her new-found love as she also tries to manage the challenges of delivering her client’s branding account in America? Or will his suspicious wife try and change the ground rules and bring her back to earth?

Love Plus One is a 16,700-word novella.

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Hot Excerpt from “Casual Car Deception”

Storm Stone’s super erotic eight-part serialized novel continues with Part Four: Casual Car Deception. With Jemma spending several days in New York City with her publisher, she’s forced to be apart from Damon. And as she heads back to Las Vegas, she decides it’s finally time to tell him about what she really does for a living.

Read on for a hot excerpt, then pick up your copy to read the whole story.

In the scene below, Damon confronts Jemma about what she really writes online…

(And if you’re new to the love affair between Jemma and Damon, don’t miss Part One: Casual Car SexPart Two: Casual Car Affair, and Part Three: Casual Car Cravings.)

“It’s not porn!”

“Oh, really, have you any idea how many men jerk off to your blog?” His smile was mean. He’d done his research; she knew almost a third of her readers were male.

“That’s not my fault, I write for women. I don’t need to justify my writing, my work to you — to anyone.”

He nodded, still leaning back in that relaxed, belying pose. “But you knew who I was? When you came on to me at Alfie’s Bar, you knew exactly who I was, didn’t you?”

Jemma stared at him as if he’d gone mad. “Who you were? What on earth are you talking about?”

“Then why did you lie to me? You knew who I was, Jemma,” he said softly. “That’s the only explanation.”

“I was going to tell you.” Her voice sounded weak, pathetic.

“Really, when?”

“Today, maybe tomorrow.” She’d just been waiting for the right moment.

He laughed again, clearly not believing her. “I read some of your blog, pretty hot stuff, Jemima.”

She cringed, feeling naked, exposed at the thought of him reading her work. “I’m Jemma, Jemima is a — character.”

“Well, character or not, you certainly got me going. I had to jerk off after reading some of that stuff.”

“It’s written for women,” she repeated.

“And I suppose you didn’t target me, after that business in Arizona, to build your readership?”

Business in Arizona, build her readership? “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Of course you don’t.”

“I was going to tell you, Damon.”

“Whatever,” he straightened up and walked towards her. “If you try to use me for your blog, or your book, or whatever the fuck, I will sue the ass off of you, Jemma, do you understand?”

She had no idea what he was talking about, but she didn’t want to rile him up any more than he already was. He was looming over her, too close for comfort and her skin prickled with fearful awareness.

“What happened between us was private,” she managed steadily. “Nothing to do with my blog, or the book.” Except for another novel…

“So innocent, so convincing,” he reached out and trailed his finger from her cheek to her neck.

Jemma’s body caught fire at his touch, she was hungry for him, moisture pooling between her thighs.

His finger continued down over her dress, circling one hard nipple and he smiled smugly.

“I still want to fuck you, I want to punish the hell out of you, but I also want to fuck you.”

“Punish me?” She croaked.

“Yes, punish you, for lying to me.” His finger circling her nipple was exquisite torment.

Her mind was confused with dozens of unanswered questions, but all her body wanted was him on that bed naked, fucking her brains out.

“Are you up to it, or shall I just leave?”

“No!” She sounded desperate, she was desperate. “Just let me explain first, Damon.”

“I’m not interested in explanations. Do you wanna fuck or not?”

She was so weak and he knew it, his smile told her so.

“Yes, I do.” He seemed so cool and detached, so totally out of her league. “But what do you mean by punish me?”

His expression was filled with satisfaction. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna fuck your ass,” he laughed. “There are less extreme forms of punishment.”

This was crazy, she should’ve told him to leave, but raw lust coursed through her, her body clenching every time she looked at him. Maybe she could explain to him afterwards…

“Go over and stand by the bed.” His voice was cool and commanding, and after a moment she did as he asked, feeling his eyes on her back. “Turn around.”

He was smiling; that predator’s smile. God, how could she not have seen that she was playing with fire?

“If you don’t like it, just tell me to stop and I’ll leave.” He strolled over to her, an air of tense anticipation about him. “Do you understand?”

She nodded, not understanding at all, but she didn’t want him to leave. She wanted him to listen to her, to get back what they’d had before, before New York.

“Answer me!”

“Yes, I understand,” her voice was husky with desire and trepidation.

He took her hand, long fingers sending currents of need through her. Seating himself at the bottom of the bed, he ran his hands up her thighs and beneath her dress, Jemma’s head fell back as she whimpered. Suddenly, he yanked her on top of him. In one swift move she was spread across his lap, her face buried in the mattress, her pelvis pushing against his groin and her booted legs kicking at the air. What the hell!

“Legs straight!” He grabbed both her legs in one big hand and forced them down onto the mattress.

She did as she was told, turning her head from side to side, trying to see what he was going to do.

“Keep still!”

Twisting her hair painfully in his fist, he turned her face sideways, facing the cupboard. She was breathing hard, fear of the unknown seeping through her. He was so angry, livid. What would he do to her?

“I think we’ll keep these sexy New York clothes on.” His voice had changed, the anger gone, replaced by a sensual, yet sinister, tone. “For the moment anyway.”

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Hot Excerpt from “Law of Love”

Bob Masters brings us “Law of Love”, an M/M erotic romance short novella set in 1969, shortly after the Stonewall Riots. In a time of burgeoning LGBTQ rights, one park ranger comes to a difficult realization…

In the excerpt below, Jimmy and Joseph are getting some time alone during the busy National Cherry Festival with a nighttime boat ride on the like. Park Ranger Joseph is learning to love Lifeguard Jimmy’s freewheeling ways.

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Joseph searched and searched for something to say, but just what that might be seemed to elude him. He wanted to somehow tell Jimmy that he wanted to be his friend. But maybe he didn’t need to say that, only show it. He decided to just sit and be quiet instead.

Jimmy suddenly stood up and took off his life preserver.

“I want to go swimming!” he said.

“It might be a little cold way out here, Jimmy,” said Joseph, concerned that Jimmy’s inexperience with lake conditions might pose a threat. It was hard to get past his training as a Ranger, he realized.

“I can get back in if it’s too cold. But I’m used to cold water. I jump right in it every morning a 5:30 during the school year!”

James began to strip off his t-shirt, baring his well-tanned and muscular chest. Then he kicked off his loafers while he unbuttoned the top of his cut-off jeans. Joseph looked on in amazement as he watched James wiggle out of his shorts and then kick them out of the way too. There he stood, six feet of muscles and stark naked too. Joseph could not take his eyes off the well-developed curves and crevices of the young college swimmer’s body. He looked so free-spirited and unashamed. Joseph suddenly became aware that he was staring and wondered why he was so transfixed by Jimmy’s naked body. He told himself that it had to be simply fascination with Jimmy’s uninhibited actions.

“Last one in is a rotten egg!” shouted Jimmy as he dove off the side of the boat into the moonlit surface of the Greater Traverse Bay. Joseph felt a twinge of envy all of a sudden. Growing up in the far north, it was unheard of to go anywhere naked except the shower. But here was someone who was not used to living in such a buttoned-up and controlled manner. Joseph realized that he himself had chosen to be buttoned-up. He was always so focused on his career path. Watching James splash and play in the early July night made him decide that he would be damned if he let this opportunity to show both Jimmy and himself that he could also be wild and free go.

He stood and began to unbutton his Park Ranger shirt, being careful to protect the shiny silver badge pinned to the upper left, above the pocket. Bending to untie his shoes, he could hear Jimmy began doing small laps of freestyle back and forth. He was an excellent swimmer. Joseph peeled the Park issue nylon socks off of his feet. Standing up, all that was left for him to remove were his forest green pair of pants. Unbuckling his belt, he hesitated for a minute, but no, he told himself, he wouldn’t let his self-consciousness stop him. He bravely undid his zipper and let the remaining piece of his uniform drop to the floor of the boat.

Now he was standing under the bright summer moon in his boxer shorts. It felt great, exhilarating, and yes, he suddenly thought, even liberating. Now he was thinking more like Jimmy, wasn’t he? Terms like liberation, rights, and things like that. He wasn’t so backward and straight laced after all, was he? He realized that he had grown up way too fast. He was only twenty-three, after all. Why had he let himself become so stolid and steadfast? When had he stopped to have simple, plain fun in the past ten or so years? He grabbed his boxers and pulled them down and off his well-developed and slightly hairy legs.

“Here I come!” he yelled, jumping stark naked into the bay.

The two young men thrashed and splashed in the water under the glaring moonlight, losing themselves in the freedom and solitude that the seclusion provided. Jimmy began to swim again and Joseph looked on at the fine form that the college athlete made as he glided effortlessly through the water.

“You are really good at that,” said Joseph, after Jimmy stopped to rest after a few minutes.

“Thanks. I spend a lot of time in the pool back in Ann Arbor. Haven’t had much opportunity to do laps since I started lifeguarding up here, though,” said Jimmy.

“Well, I am glad you are able to now,” said Joseph.

“Are you really?” said Jimmy with a laugh as he reached over to dunk Joseph momentarily underwater. Joseph then grabbed Jimmy’s arms and pulled him down with him. The two men grappled boisterously with each other, wrestling in the welcoming waters of the Grand Traverse Bay under a bright yellow summer moon.

Inescapably, their bodies rubbed against each other as they jostled and laughed. Joseph felt Jimmy’s ass rub against him as the boy struggled to escape from his hold. Joseph suddenly felt his own cock begin to stir uncontrollably. He felt alarmed and confused as it grew harder and harder until he was sprouting a full erection underwater. Jimmy swam away but then suddenly turned and leapt upon Joseph again and as he did so his body came into contact with Joseph’s enormous cock pressing against his stomach. It seemed like time had suddenly come to a complete stop as Jimmy immediately ceased his playful wrestling with Joseph and looked silently into his eyes.

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New Release: Going Solo: Part Four: Casual Car Deception


Going Solo

Part 4: Casual Car Deception

Storm Stone

When Las Vegas bad boy Damon finds out that his mysterious English lover has been using their sexual encounters to promote her blog, his urge to punish her will take their casual fling to a whole new level.

Jemma arrives in New York exhausted from her night of passion and raw sex with Las Vegas bad boy Damon McDermott. Her five days in New York fly by, and although she enjoys it immensely, at the back of her mind she is always thinking of Damon, and her return to Las Vegas.

The break from him has given her time to think, so when she finally meets Damon at the airport, she is determined to tell him the truth about her secret blog and the reason for her trip to New York. But she immediately notices that something isn’t right.

Damon is cool and detached, and once they reach her motel room he tells her he knows the truth about her, about her blog and the real reason she was in New York. He is convinced that Jemma is just using him to promote her blog and her ambitions to become a successful author and personality. He is furious since he believes Jemma targeted him deliberately for her secret agenda to use his notoriety as the “Las Vegas Stud” and garner publicity for herself.

Jemma tries to convince him that he’s wrong, but Damon is convinced she’s lying. Little does she know, Damon also has a secret and his urge to use sex as a form of punishment on Jemma is about to bring it out.

Casual Car Deception is a 10,000-word novella and the fourth in an eight-part serial.

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New Release: Law of Love


Law of Love

Bob Masters

In 1969, a Park Ranger was not likely to embrace same-sex liberation, but when Park Ranger Joseph meets Lifeguard Jimmy, love proves more powerful than the law.

1969 America is a time of protests against the war in Vietnam – long hair, rock music, and pot smoking. But it is also a time of free love, minority demands for equality, and even a fledgling gay rights movement.

Joseph Knight is a Park Ranger in rural Michigan and is supposed to be the opposite of all that, the upholder of laws against pot-smoking, pre-marital sex, and especially two men making love. But when a Jimmy Clayton, a 19 year old lifeguard with a perfect tan and long blond hair shows up in his life, Joseph is compelled to rethink some of his ideas about right and wrong.

How will he make his way in this uncharted territory where the rules are no longer clear and the law of the heart makes more sense than the head? Which law will prove more powerful, the law he’s sworn to uphold, or the law of love which tells him to “do his own thing” even if it means he might end up in jail?

Law of Love is a 12,000-word novella.

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Hot Excerpt from “One Knight With The Swordsmith’s Daughter”

Author Michael Bracken brings us “One Knight With The Swordsmith’s Daughter”, a fun and steamy medieval erotic romance short story.

In the excerpt below, Sir Humphrey meets Miriam (the swordsmith’s daughter) for the first time, catching her in a rather compromising position.

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After bathing for several minutes, I heard someone approach. I turned to see Sir Humphrey step through the brush and stride to the edge of the water, his horse following at the end of its reins. The young knight did not know me for he had never laid eyes upon me, but I certainly recognized him from his visit to the shop. He stood next to the blanket where I had left my folded clothing, and I dared not rise from the water lest he gaze upon my nether regions.

“You have me at a disadvantage, Sir Humphrey,” I called from the water. The buoyancy of my breasts allowed me to float in an upright position with minimal movement of my arms and legs.

“As well I see, fair maiden.” As his horse drank from the river, he lashed the reins to a nearby bush, and returned his attention to me. “Might you rise from the water so I may better see whom I am addressing?”

“I dare not.”

“If you dare not join me ashore,” he said, “mayhap I should join you.”

“The water is cold, kind sir, and I fear you may experience the most distressing of shrinkage.”

“Were you to warm me I should fear naught.”

“Then join me,” I called out, emboldened by his flirtatious responses to my prior comments, “if you dare.”

Though I desired nothing more than carnal comingling with the young knight, I knew not of his intentions and I dared not ask. A commoner might service royalty but had no right to expect much beyond the act itself.

I turned away and swam three strokes. When I turned back Sir Humphrey wore only his breeches, and he was peeling them down his muscular legs. Bawdy Maudie would keep her one good eye, for her sister, the Earl’s needlewoman, had shared no untruths about the grandeur of the young knight’s erect cock, a blunt-headed lance fit for jousting. No blushing virgin was I, having thrice allowed the butcher’s mead-addled son to have his way with me despite my repeated disappointment in his cocksmanship, yet still the intake of my breath at the sight of Sir Humphrey unclothed surprised me.

The sound must have floated across the pond to the young knight’s ears, for he smiled as he straightened up and dove into the cold river water. Quick, strong strokes brought him near enough to my side that I was certain he could see all of me through the clear water just as I could see all of him. Even so, he remained a respectful distance away.

“You have me at disadvantage,” he said, repeating what I had said earlier. “You are well aware of my name but I know not yours.”

Blushing, I said, “Miriam.”

He swam a circle around me, examining me from every side. When he was again before me, he stopped. “Your beauty is such that even the chill of this water does not dissuade my desire.”

Nor did it dissuade mine, for Sir Humphrey’s presence made me so hot I expected steam to rise from the water around me.

“I fear I have grown weary treading water, kind sir,” I said, though I knew full well that I could float for hours. I reached out and took his hand. “Might you be so kind as to help me to shore?”

The young knight pulled me tight against his hard body. My heavy breasts flattened against his chest and my erect nipples jabbed at his ribcage. Beneath the water his cock pressed against my abdomen but that wasn’t where I wanted it. I reached between us, took the thick shaft in my hand, and guided the blunt head until it pressed against my opening. I was wet as much from my desire as from the water in which we floated, and with one firm thrust of his hips Sir Humphrey buried his grand cock deep within me, filling me in a way the butcher’s son never had.

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Hot Excerpt from “Casual Car Cravings”

Storm Stone’s super erotic eight-part serialized novel continues with Part Three: Casual Car Cravings. The irresistible and all-consuming lusts that Jemma and Damon have for each other keeps pulling them together, despite secrets they’re keeping from each other, secrets that could tear them apart forever.

Read on for a hot excerpt, then pick up your copy to read the whole story.

(And if you’re new to the love affair between Jemma and Damon, don’t miss Part One: Casual Car Sex and Part Two: Casual Car Affair.)

The heated atmosphere in the room wound up a notch, leaving her feeling flushed, warm moisture blooming between her legs.

“What else is in there, for goodness sakes?” She tried to keep the mood light, stalling for time.

“Seafood chop suey, sweet and sour prawns, and egg fried rice,” he recited. “For you.”

“God, I’ll never be able to eat all of that!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll finish what you can’t. Now let’s go to bed.”

“Damon!” She tried to look shocked. “Do you have to be so—”

He took a swig of the beer and pinned her with his gaze. “Crude, crass?”


“Well, I say what I think.” His eyes narrowed as they moved over her body. “And with you walking around in next to nothing, all I can think about is getting you into that bed.”

He walked towards the side of the room where the double bed seemed to be waiting for him, not even reaching out to take her hand, just expecting her to follow, which she did like a damn puppy-dog.

Sitting on the side of the bed, he pulled off his boots and stretched out, totally at ease, hands behind his head. “Take off your clothes.”

Jemma stood at the foot of the bed, staring at him in disbelief. “Just like that?”

“Yeah, just like that.”

She tilted her head and smiled, the wine giving her false courage. “I’ll make a deal with you.”

His dark brows lifted. “Another deal?”

“Yep, another deal.”

He smiled, crossing his ankles, obviously enjoying himself. “Okay. Shoot.”

“I’ll take something off, and then it’s your turn.” She gave him what she hoped was a seductive smile.

“Okay.” His tawny eyes were those of a predator in the soft light. “I asked first, so you start”

She hesitated, but the wine was doing its work. Taking a deep breath, she lifted the hem of her vest, pulling it slowly up her arms and over her head, dropping it to the floor.

“Your turn.” She shook her head, allowing her hair to settle over her shoulders, taut nipples peeking through the dark strands.

Suddenly he was no longer relaxed, his face tight, his gaze fixed on her swelling breasts. Lowering his hands without taking his eyes off her, he unbuttoned the dark green shirt he was wearing, shrugged it off his shoulders, and dropped it to the floor.

It was Jemma’s turn to stare. There was one lamp on by the bed, and the kitchen light behind them, reflecting off his beautifully muscled torso, casting shadows over every swell and valley of his strong, bronzed physique.

“Your turn,” he said softly, watching her watching him.

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