Hot Excerpt from “Stealing Beauty”

Did you watch Beauty and the Beast and wish it was just a little… steamier?

Check out this hot excerpt from the five-star-rated Stealing Beauty by Jessica Collins!

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Her eyes shone, amber flecks amongst the deep brown, drowning him in their depths. He took in her features; the delicate shape of her jawline, the high cheekbones, her perfect, creamy complexion, her full, pink lips, glistening with the last remnants of her gloss. Unable to help himself, he pulled her in to kiss her.

She gasped into his lips as they touched, but didn’t pull back, her lips soft and smooth against his. Her body tensed and relaxed, as if she allowed herself this moment.

She moaned softly, and he felt one hand in his hair, the other around his neck, pulling him into her. She opened her mouth wider to allow their tongues to dance around each other. He deepened the kiss, wrapping both arms around her waist and pulling her into him.

Lowering his hands and cupping her behind, he lifted her legs up and around his waist. As she began to kiss him harder, he walked them towards the desk and sat her on top. The close proximity of her pussy had him hard as steel.

He leaned her back and broke away from her mouth, drawing out a small cry of protest, which ceased when he kissed down her neck to her collarbone. When his lips trailed to the crook of her neck, she moaned aloud and tightened her hands in his hair. He smiled to himself. Ah, found her sweet spot.

He lingered there for a moment, licking and sucking her skin as he trailed his hand up her leg. Her breath hitched as his thumb grazed between her thighs. He wanted to rip her panties down her legs and thrust himself into her. Instead, he allowed his fingers to caress her over the fabric. Heat emanated from her, warming him.

He kissed down to the hollow of her neck once again and back up the other side, continuing to pay special attention to her reactions. As he reached her chin he backed away, opening his eyes to look at her. Her amber irises were molten gold. Moving his hands back to her thighs, he pulled her hard against him, shoving his hardened length against her center. She closed her eyes as she moaned. Fucking hell, she’s a lusty one.

Her hands twisted his hair as she whispered, “Aleks, we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Yes, we should,” he replied, his mouth finding hers again. He wanted to consume every sensual sound emanating from her lips. He continued to move against her, pulling her into him with each thrust. He grunted softly, which only seemed to increase her desire. Her breaths increased as she used her legs to meet each of his movements. He needed her to come undone against him. As she kissed him, her body tightened against his; experience indicated she was close.

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