Hot Excerpt from “Casual Car Affair”

Spring might be just starting in this part of the world, but this excerpt from Casual Car Affair by Storm Stone will have you hot and sweaty.

Check out the excerpt below — and then click here to purchase your copy.

Damon slid the shower door closed behind him, allowing his gaze to roam. Her hands were lifted high, as she threaded her fingers through her soaking hair, rivers of water running down her slim, sinuous form, stretched taut by the pull of her arms.

“Are you crazy?” Her dark hair hung shiny and wet, a perfect foil to her creamy skin. Weighted down by the water, long tendrils clung to her slender, curved waist. “Your mother is on her way over here!”

His eyes settled on her pert, perfect tits, rivulets of water running over and around them. “Don’t panic baby,” he soothed, reaching for the shower gel. “We’ve got at least fifteen minutes, and I need to get inside you, or I’m gonna go crazy.”

It was true. To her it may just sound like a line a guy gives a girl he wants to fuck, but it was the goddamned truth. He wanted her so bad, his body was shaking with lust. Dripping wet and shaking with lust.

She shook her soaking head. “Damon — please…” Her eyes dropped to his hands, palms circling the gel into a creamy lather, then he heard her gasp as she spotted his full-blown erection, his cock curved heavy and high beneath the spray of water. “Oh God…”

She ran her hands down to the nape of her neck, eyes huge and confused as she met his determined gaze.

Damon lifted his soapy hands and reached out to palm her glossy tits in each hand. With grim satisfaction, he watched her long body arch, a heavy moan escaping her parted lips.

“This. Is. Crazy.” She framed, sliding her hands from her neck, to clutch at his dripping forearms.

He circled the slick lather over and around her twin mounds, loving the feel of her pebbled nipples pushing into his palms, inviting his touch.

“Damon, please—” she panted, her hands now gripping his wrists, but she didn’t try and pull them away, just hooked her fingernails into his soaked skin and held on tight. “Your mother…” Her resistance was waning, he realized with a satisfied smile, her thumbs beginning to circle the pulsing veins at his wrists.

He held her gaze, watching her pupils dilate as lust overcame her. Her tits felt like heaven in his hands, and he tweaked her tight nipples with his finger and thumb, watching her jerk, digging her nails in deeper. Knowing her body better than she knew it herself.

Click here to download your copy and continue reading.

Casual Car Affair is the second in the eight-part Going Solo serialized novel.

Click here to download Part One: Casual Car Sex.



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