Hot Excerpt from “Mixed Doubles”

In the part of the world, the snow is starting to melt and the world is warming up. But with the help of Mixed Doubles by Gemma Stone, this super-hot story will have you fanning yourself, trying to cool down again.

Check out the excerpt below — and then click here to purchase your copy.

Stephanie’s heart beat a painful tattoo against her ribs at the thought of Mark’s hands wandering towards her body and, before she could offer any objection, Mark hit the speed dial button on the telephone and set it to operate on its loudspeaker. After just a couple of rings, a familiar American voice answered brightly.

“Mark! Hey, it’s great to hear from you. I was just thinking of you,” said Kelly in her uniquely effervescent style.

“Is now a good time to speak, Kelly?” enquired Mark, whilst staring intently and unashamedly at Stephanie’s breasts. A throb of anticipation quivered deep inside her vagina at the naked intention in his penetrating gaze.

“It’s always a good time with you, honey.”

“I’ve got Stephanie Spicer, the creative director at Conway Creative with me. It’s Stephanie’s team that’s delivering the branding for the sponsorship.”

As Mark introduced Stephanie, Kelly’s bubble seemed to burst as she let out a quiet yet barely-concealed “Oh”. Despite this, the pair began to run through the plans that needed to be agreed, with a particular focus on the awards dinner. Mark was keeping things cool, as he continued to outline one point after another. Kelly interrupted occasionally, though Stephanie noted a hesitancy and reservation in her voice, knowing that she was with Mark.

As the conversation continued in a reserved tone, with Mark discussing plans for Kelly’s promotion, Stephanie shot Mark a glance as if to remind him that the call was being made on speakerphone for a reason.

Well, what about me, Mark? Is it only Kelly that’s going to get your undivided attention here? Or do you need me to make the first move?

Placing her hand on the top button of her blouse, she undid it, opening it wide to reveal her enticing cleavage. As his eyes focused on Stephanie’s breasts, Mark continued to speak without hesitancy, as Stephanie followed her initial tease by unbuttoning the remaining fastenings and slipping out of her blouse before she dropped it to the floor. As she did so, Mark’s voice faltered and Stephanie smiled at the thought of what was to come.

“Sorry, Mark, you went a bit quiet there,” interrupted Kelly, unaware of the show that Stephanie was putting on for him.

Stephanie stood up, put her fingers under the clip of her suit trousers, pulled it back and let the garment fall down her long, silky legs. She was wearing her favorite lace-edged bra and knickers, and the effect on Mark’s coherent speech was immediate. As his gaze fixed on Stephanie’s tits, barely contained in the revealing underwear, he struggled to keep momentum going with his dialogue. Stephanie seamlessly picked up the discussion for him as she glided around the table and sat on Mark’s lap, with his face directly in front of her ripe tits.

“Everything’s fine, Kelly,” said Stephanie “We just need to make the travel arrangements for you. The timings won’t be an issue.”

Still continuing the dialogue with Kelly, Stephanie pulled Mark’s handsome face into the soft embrace of her fleshy orbs.

Without uttering a word, Mark began to kiss Stephanie’s breasts, sucking on her rapidly-hardening nipples through her straining lace bra. Reaching behind her back, Stephanie released the fastenings, and her pendulous tits swung forward towards Mark’s face. With Stephanie still managing to maintain the conversation, she could hear Mark whisper, “They’re magnificent, absolutely magnificent.”

Mark squeezed each breast in turn, alternately nibbling her erect nipples. Stephanie tipped her head back and her mane of golden hair seemed to shake as she enjoyed his touch, His tongue played across each hardening bud, before he nibbled each one and Stephanie felt her pleasure being punctuated by stabs of pain. The silver balls of her nipple piercings clattered lightly on his teeth as he furiously sucked on her tits. Stephanie pushed them together as Mark once more buried his face into the delights of her bounteous cleavage, taking the weight of her breasts in each hand.

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