Sixty Seconds with Sandra Claire

Sandra Claire is the author of A Night to Remember, the first in her Reignited Passions short story series, and it comes out on Tuesday, January 31, from Deep Desires Press! Click here to pre-order your copy!

sc-twitter-profile-1Here is our sixty second interview with Sandra Claire:

Why do you like writing erotica?

Erotica lets me live out my wildest fantasies without actually going out and doing them! I can have fun with sex without worrying about protection and safety and health — and I don’t have to find a partner! I so love writing erotica! People often ask if it’s based on my real life. Unfortunately, it’s not — but I’m working on building my sexual experiences. 😉

Who is your TV/movie/celebrity crush?

857e545961379d02a876f89a20f1ded8Enrique Iglesias! He’d be a hot Latin lover who would rock my world (and my bed)!

What do you prefer – a strong, powerful heroine or a strong, powerful hero?

Both! Sometimes I want a strong woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone and who can do anything a man can do — but better! And other times I want a strong male character to ride in on his white horse to save the helpless female from danger, press her against his strong chest, and ride into the sunset and safety (and his bed).

Do you prefer chocolate or sex?

Mmm… do I have to choose?

Tell us about A Night to Remember.

This is the first in my Reignited Passions series, about a young couple whose sex life has more or less died. They’ve committed themselves to bringing back what they once had — but as they embark on this new sexual adventure, they’re met with mishaps and accidents (which I hope the reader will find comical), and over the course of the series will get into more and more adventurous sex, finding that the same-old-same-old just doesn’t do it for them anymore.

Here’s the blurb for A Night to Remember:

a-night-to-remember-600Anna and Trevor are in a rut—like any married couple, their sex life has become monotonous, routine, and dull. But tonight is different.

Anna and Trevor are determined to reignite the burning passion they once had by pretending to be strangers who meet in a hotel bar. It seems like a tame enough activity, but their night of adventure takes an unexpectedly erotic turn when they venture outside for a moonlight stroll.

When they lose their clothes and find themselves trapped outside, under the moonlight, they can’t keep their hands off each other, and soon, all concern about discretion and propriety disappear as their reignited passions take over.

What compelled you to write this story?

Readers often think of erotica as being about a random sex encounter, be it a one night stand, a night with a sex worker, or the culmination of months of building and burning lust. In A Night to Remember and the coming sequels, we find that sex between a married couple can be just as hot — if not hotter!

What’s next for you?

I’m working on the next Reignited Passions story, but that might be a few months before I finish it and it makes its way through the editing stage at Deep Desires Press. In the meantime, I’m just finishing up The President and the Rentboy with fellow author Cameron D. James.  It’ll be the third in our open-ended non-connected series of forbidden love and taboo relationships. We hope to have it out within a week!

Thanks for the sixty seconds with us, Sandra!

Don’t forget — A Night to Remember comes out tomorrow (Tuesday, January 31)! Pre-order your copy now!


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