Hot Excerpt from “Pitch Perfect”

Looking for something different to make your Sunday  more exciting? Pitch Perfect, by Gemma Stone, is just what you’re looking for! Need a teaser? Read on for the hot excerpt, and then click here to purchase your copy.

“Drink, Stephanie? Rick won’t be a minute.”

“Just some water, thanks,” said Stephanie as she settled into a seat. She wriggled her shapely bottom on the cool leather. “You know, I feel more nervous than yesterday, and the last thing I want is a dry throat as I’m trying to talk to Rick.” Stephanie’s eyes followed Nix as she moved around a small table in search of glasses. “By the way, how did the rest of the day go with the other agencies? You must have had a long day listening to all those business proposals.”

“Oh, there were some interesting concepts, of course,” said Nix as she walked to the end of the office and began to pour some water into glasses at a small sideboard. “But getting the right mix of creative proposals, an achievable delivery and the right people was not as easy as you’d think. Anyway, that’s what Rick wants to speak to you about.”

“Hi Stephanie, thanks for sparing me the time.” Rick’s accent was distinct and forceful as he strode into the office. He shook hands with her, and took his position in the big leather chair behind an equally expansive desk.

“I’ve got to tell you, Stephanie, you made quite an impression yesterday. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you’ve thrown something new into the mix. Some great ideas, new directions; a chance to explore emerging markets. Things that I think will shake up this company. I liked what I saw. So did others…” he added, flashing a quick sideways glance at Nix who had bent down to find some tissues at the bottom of the sideboard to mop up some spilled water.

“That’s great news, Rick. I think the agency would be a great business partner for you. But what is it that you wanted to go through today? I’d like to think that I can give you what you need before you make your decision.”

Just then, Nix stood up and walked forward to place Stephanie’s glass of water on the table in front of her. Leaning over Stephanie’s shoulder, her right breast rubbed against Stephanie’s cheek in a slow, purposeful movement.

“Right now, Stephanie, I think it’s what you might be able to do for Nix that is the big question.”

“I, er, well, that is…” spluttered Stephanie, not quite sure if she was being given the green light to give in to the feeling that had almost engulfed her yesterday.

Nix turned to face her and, bending down without asking, kissed Stephanie full on the lips. Those beautiful lips that Stephanie had been aching to submit to. Her tongue sought Nix’s warm mouth, probing into her with a deep desire in a way that she had never done with a man before. Stephanie held Nix against her, kissing her passionately, not wanting to let her go. For once, the cool and collected businesswoman lost herself, forgetting where she was, and focused on this new emotion that was swelling inside her. A tingle of sensation and anticipation began to increase between her thighs. It seemed like an eternity before she and Nix parted, and a thrill filled her as she could taste Nix’s nectar on her tongue before she withdrew from the embrace.

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