Sixty Seconds with Gemma Stone

Gemma Stone is the author of Pitch Perfect, the first in her Stephanie Spicer Erotic Touch Romance novella series, and it comes out on Tuesday, January 24, from Deep Desires Press! Click here to pre-order your copy!


gemma-stone-1Here is our sixty second interview with Gemma Stone:

Who is your TV/movie/celebrity crush?

So many men, so little time, it’s hard to choose. However, I love Daniel Craig as James Bond – he might get shaken by all those villains, but he can still stir things with me!

What’s your writing fuel?

I’m English, so it has to be tea – lots of it to keep me going.

Depending on what I’m writing at the time, I also like to work listening to music, and strangely enough it tends to be dance music as it provides rhythm without too many words, which can be distracting. So plenty of Dreadzone and Leftfield. My main novella character, Stephanie Spicer, came into being whilst listening to ‘Original’ from the album ‘Leftism’. Hopefully, that’s what Stephanie is – original, and definitely a lovely character to work with on a daily basis.

How do you celebrate a new release?

Usually it’s a long walk along Brighton seafront. A bit of exercise away from my desk with the sea breeze and salty air to clear my head makes me ready for new inspirations, and gets me into gear ready for the next writing challenge.

How did you meet the love of your life?

For someone who writes erotica, you might think it would be in some den of iniquity, but actually it was on a blind date. My partner and I had both had messy break-ups in our previous relationships. Thankfully, a mutual friend suggested we go out together as they thought things might work out between us. So far they’ve been right.

Do you believe in soul mates?

Absolutely. Besides myself, I’d love all my characters to find their soul mates, but that wouldn’t create the tensions and conflict that are needed to make the drama of a story work. Sadly, most of them are still searching in vain.

pitch-perfect-600What compelled you to write Pitch Perfect?

I worked in the cut-throat business world in London for many years, and some of the situations depicted in my stories actually happened to people I knew or worked with. And – yes – a few happened to me, though I’m not saying which!

I wanted to create interesting and very erotic stories using the examples at my disposal, embellishing them with a bit of creativity and imagination.

With all my novellas, once I have the title, the rest of the book seems to fall into place quite easily. Pitch Perfect brought a lot of things together and gave me the foundation on which to develop a series of novellas for Stephanie Spicer and a cast of strong characters.

I felt the characters in Pitch Perfect – both male and female – would appeal to mainly female readers who perhaps were themselves working in the type of ruthless corporate world I had experienced and understood only too well. However driven the corporate businessmen/women were, and despite their ambitions to be successful, I also felt that more than anything else what they were really seeking was not just power, but passion and – in some cases – love. In the novellas I’ve tried to depict the fact that even the strongest players in business can be fragile and flawed, and not everything goes the way they want or have planned.

What’s next for you?

I have further titles in the Stephanie Spicer Erotic Touch series being released throughout the first few months of 2017. ‘Winner Takes All’ is the second title, released on Valentine’s Day, so that should create some interest! It’s based on people playing a revealing game that I created especially to make the novella work. Who knows? The game might actually take off and get played for real, if enough people read the book.

Each of the novellas is a complete story, but links to the previous titles, and sets the scene for the next one following in the series. I originally planned the Stephanie Spicer series as twenty novellas, so look out for future titles as they are released by Deep Desires. After that, who knows what’s coming….

Thanks for the sixty seconds with us, Gemma!

Don’t forget — Pitch Perfect comes out tomorrow (Tuesday, January 24)! Pre-order your copy now!


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