Sixty Seconds With Carla Atherstone

Carla Atherstone is the author of Something New, a hot trans erotica story that comes out Tuesday, January 10, from Deep Desires Press! Click here to pre-order your copy!

carlapicHere is our sixty second interview with Carla Atherstone:

Who is your TV/movie/celebrity crush?

Caro Emerald. Curvy, sexy, elegant and talented. Always a lovely combination.

What’s your writing fuel?

Caro EmeraldPhoto: Adrie MouthaanMob: 0031 6

Caro Emerald (source)

Coffee and music! Usually something by Caro Emerald (see above) or something mellow and classical like Ludovico Einaudi.

How do you celebrate a new release?

I don’t know yet, as this is my first! It’ll most probably involve Mr Atherstone and a nice meal somewhere. After that… who knows? 😉

How did you meet the love of your life?

We were actually friends for ages online, then started meeting up before the occasional coffee. We spent more and more time together, and ended up realising we really liked one another. Physically and otherwise. One thing led to another, and here we are!

Do you believe in soul mates?

I certainly do right now, and hope I always will.

something-new-600Tell us about Something New.

Wendy, the main character, is a woman who should feel as though she has it all. She’s married to a successful and wealthy man and wants for nothing materially, but the relationship’s lost its spark and she feels unfulfilled. She’s looking for something new in her life, but doesn’t know what. And then she meets this beautiful trans woman called Lana, and things very quickly get quite steamy from there.

What compelled you to write Something New?

Most of my stories tend to be scenarios that turn me on, and there was something about a trans and cis woman together that I found very sexy. The sexiest fantasies for me tend to be rooted in some sort of reality, and I wanted to write a story that celebrated their sexuality without – especially in Lana’s case – fetishising trans women in a cheap way. I hope it’s worked!

What’s next for you?

I have two more stories coming out from Deep Desires soon: Something More, which is the next story about Wendy and Lana’s relationship – I have quite a few more of those planned! and Inside Mrs Jones, the first in a lesbian erotica series called Jessie’s Awakening. I’ve also got a one-off story, The Waitress, coming out from Hot Chilli Erotica. That’s all so far, but I’ll be writing some more soon and hopefully they’ll find a home as well!

Thanks for spending sixty seconds with us, Carla!

Don’t forget — Something New comes out on Tuesday, January 10th! Pre-order your copy today!


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