New Release: The Prince in Flames by Minna Louche

The Prince in Flames

An Elements of Desire Novella

Minna Louche

Galen is a prince returning home from a failed marriage arrangement when he receives word that his father, the king, has died. Hundreds of miles from home, Galen finds himself in peril as another seeks to end his life and claim the throne for themselves.

Having no other choice, Galen makes a pact with a demon, one that will bind them to the end. But the lustful Oso’s help comes with a price, one that will stoke the embers of intimacy and awaken a love in Galen that he had long kept hidden.

As he fights for the throne, Galen also fights the fires of passion that consume him as he falls into Oso’s forbidden yet undeniable desire.

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NEW AUDIOBOOK: Tales of Monsterotica: Anthology Collection Book Two

Tales of Monsterotica

Anthology Collection Book Two

Justin MacCormack

Jonathan Woodcock’s homecoming is in for a sticky end!

Travel beside Jonathan Woodcock, our veteran monster-shagger, as he continues his arduous journey of sexual discovery! Watch poor Jonathan experience the leather-clad discipline of the muscled Queerwolf alpha daddy. Shriek in terror as young Mr Woodcock is seduced by the Phantom of the opera and learns that his only escape is to bend over and take one for the team. And, finally, marvel as our hero returns home to England, only to find an especially thirsty vampire Count waiting for him, eager for a different sort of life fluid!

This frightening collection of gay erotic comedies includes “Bite of the Queerwolf,” “The Drag-Queen of the Opera” and “Revenge of Count Shagula,” all in one volume.

A line of comical erotic romps featuring the classic and not-so-classic monsters of book, stage and screen, written by Justin MacCormack, author of “Diary of a Gay Teenage Zombie” and “Hush: A Horror Anthology”.

Available as an audiobook, narrated by Hedge T. Haiden!

Need to start with Book One? That’s also available as an audiobook!

NEW RELEASE: The Shocking Adventures of Jewish Lightning #1 The San Francisco Snatch by Kitty Knish

The Shocking Adventures of Jewish Lightning

#1 The San Francisco Snatch

Kitty Knish

It’s 1917, and people are disappearing all over San Francisco. But fear not because Jewish Lightning is here to save the day! Yes, Jewish Lightning who can manipulate the mighty flow of electrons to her will. While our boys are overseas fighting the Kaiser, Jewish Lightning along with her wise-cracking sidekick, The Knish Kid, fight in the name of freedom, justice, and sisterhood.

The Davening Duo face off against enemies like the greedy Golden Gelt, the hot-headed Mazel Tov Cocktail, and even a jilted leather-bounded ex-roommate in order to solve the string of kidnappings. Can our heroes bring these villains to justice or will they succumb to their evil plot? Will Jewish Lightning’s and the Knish Kid’s relationship survive these new trials?

Find out in The Shocking Adventures of Jewish Lightning!

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Misled by a Monster by Marco May

Misled by a Monster

Marco May

When Mitch meets twin brothers, Stan and Wes, the experience becomes a howling one when Mitch learns he isn’t quite human. Will he be stuck on a situation he’ll regret for the rest of his life, or is there hope for a better life that makes room for a better man?

Mitch has never quite fit in. He’s always felt…different somehow, though he could never put his finger on it. When he meets Stan, a strange and mysterious man, he feels an instant attraction and like someone finally truly understands him.

The allure of Stan is so powerful and all-consuming that Mitch soon packs up and leaves everyone behind to move in with Mitch in his rural community. But once ensconced there and separated from everything he used to know, Stan changes. And Mitch is trapped. And there are strange things going on around him…otherworldly things.

Stan’s twin brother Wes seems to be Mitch’s only hope of escape—and of love. For where Stan is evil, Wes is good. Will Mitch be stuck in misery with Stan? Or is there hope for him and happiness with Wes?

The secrets soon spill and the truth comes out. And the most shocking revelation of all for Mitch? He might not be quite human himself.

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Dark Christmas Magic by Johnny Miles

Dark Christmas Magic

The Quest for Krampus

A Yuletide Knights Novel

Johnny Miles

When Kris Kringle and his soulmate, Bucket the Elf, set out to find who is kidnapping their fellow Magicals, they discover that Krampus, an ancient evil, threatens not just their happily ever after, but the very existence of earth.

Someone is kidnapping Magicals. Kris Kringle and his soulmate, Bucket the Elf, are determined to find out why. Only then can they spend the rest of their lives together. But first they must find a suitable candidate to take over the mantle of Santa Claus. They find Griffin Kloss in the backwoods of North Carolina and realize they must get to him quickly.

Someone else is after Griffin and it’s not his former boyfriend, Jackson Frost. Whomever is after Griffin doesn’t want him for his good looks.

Putting themselves at risk, Kris and Bucket, together with Griffin, Old Man Winter, and members of The Wild Hunt, travel to the Ninth Realm, in search of answers. There, in a dark and dismal place, they discover that Krampus, an ancient evil once thought dead, is still alive and at large. Now, they must join forces to battle demons and the menace that threatens not just their happy-ever-after, but the very existence of Earth Realm.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains a scene of sexual violence.

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All The Lovers by Harry F. Rey

All The Lovers

Harry F. Rey

Welcome to Leeds, 2007. Welcome to drag before Drag Race and hook-ups before Grindr. Welcome to 19-year-old Nick’s oh-so-complicated love life. Welcome to All The Lovers.

Still hung up on ex-boyfriend Shawn, Nick tries, tries, and repeatedly fails to find a meaningful connection in a parochial gay society still defined by closets and cruising. With fabulous best friend Mylo and straight-laced flatmate Jenna by his side, Nick’s journey to self-discovery forces him to confront not only his own demons, but those of all his lovers as well.

All The Lovers is a sexy, hilarious, and eye-opening chronicle of Nick—a working class teenager from the North of England exploring love and sex in a pre-Grindr world.

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New Release: Silk & Swords by Christopher Stires

Silk & Swords

A Thurian Chronicles Novel

Christopher Stires

For the passionate pleasure of the Queen…

An alluring young woman damned with a curse challenges the heartless assassin commanded to kill her.

A bereft widow discovers the delights of the marriage bed with a ferocious knight-soldier.

A sensuous female barbarian and her ardent diplomat husband investigate the mysterious murder of a masked prisoner.

Three entwined tales of love and eroticism…tales woven together for the titillation of a powerful, meddling, yet well-meaning queen by a wise, unsettling, sooth-saying oracle.

Plunge into a world where desire and lust rule peasants and royalty alike. Enter the passionate world of Thuria.

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New Release: Safe Words by Drury Jamison

Safe Words

Drury Jamison

After years of alcohol and promiscuous sex, Detective Eleanor Silver is not the cop or the person she wanted to be

When sexually dominant women in the world of BDSM start turning up dead and there are clear signs that a serial killer is at large, Eleanor takes on the cases with a renewed determination she hasn’t felt in years. She then turns to Dr. Anderson Wells, a psychologist and sexual submissive, to be her guide in this world that is unknown to her.

While working the cases through kink parties, leather corsets, and safe words, they soon find themselves exploring on more intimate levels. In her, he sees the strong and forceful woman he craves. And in him, she sees a man strong enough to surrender control. And in this, she sees glimmers of what her life could be.

As they become closer, both as lovers and as Dominant and submissive, new murders and his own lie make Anderson a suspect and then the target of a cop looking to clear his own name. Events and passions collide with bite marks, pretty underwear, and murder in a world where cops may be killers and lovers may hold whips.

Eleanor Silver has to let go of her pain to claim for herself the life she wants and risk everything to save the man she loves.

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